Exclusive song reviews of the week – by PARAG KAMANI


Who Is The Idiot? – Blaaze and Paul J ft. Mrishti and Mrishal

Within the ever-evolving musical landscape, rapper/songwriter Blaaze has found a way to evolve himself, and attempted to stay at least one stop ahead of the game by cashing in [pardon the pun] on the brouhaha surrounding the impending nationwide elections. In conjunction with his brother, Paul J, Blaaze has introduced an innovative and witty track asking a query: “Who Is The Idiot?” Does the song answer it? Well, listen to it to find out as the composition, though light on musical content, has a call-and-response setting that has children singing the chorus over hip hop rhythms which feature the vocals of Mrishti and Mrishal Raman. Review by PARAG KAMANI



Aisi Andaziya – Shankar Mahadevan ft. Pragya Patra and Rohit Sehgal

Vocalist Pragya Patra, featured on this pop ditty “Aisa Andaziya”, is a new talent who arrives with an impeccable track record [pun intended]; winning first prize at MOBISUR, the pan-India digital talent hunt that was judged by, among others, Shankar Mahadevan. In support, Pragya has got vocalist Rohit Sehgal, a Hindustani classical artiste and, combined, they provide pure pop to now people with their collaboration. Lacing soundscapes inspired by different genres with their soulful vocals, “Aisi Andaziya” contains synth-heavy hooks whose melody nods into the electro pop era from the ’80s to contemporary sounds, which is pretty close to an epitome of a feel-good track. Review by PARAG KAMANI



Meri Zindagi Ik Paheli – Sameer Khullar ft. Gargie Verma

Composer, singer, songwriter, and producer Sameer Khullar is passionate about his music, and it shows on “Meri Zindagi Ik Paheli” which not only speaks about human philosophies that culminate when a person passes away, but also makes his musical influences transparently clear as he takes snatches of Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox’s rendition of The Lover Speaks’ “No More I Love You’s” into his composition. Lending a voice to the proceedings – in more ways than one – is singer Gargie Verma who does a marvellous job in the musical framework provided to her by offering an effective stage for Gargie’s husky voice, showcasing her as a chanteuse for the future. Review by PARAG KAMANI


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Exclusive song reviews of the week by Industry expert `Parag Kamani’







Aabar Dekhaa Hobey – Rimita

From the city of Kolkata arrives vocalist, composer, and voice trainer Rimita Mukherjee whose journey as a vocalist embarked in 1995 after having received training from various musicians through the years, and having worked with the likes of Kalyanji [of Kalyanji-Anandji fame] and Rajesh Roshan. But her indulgence in Bollywood is side stepped for “Aabar Dekhaa Hobey”, an ethnic-based song backed by soothing arrangements – especially the pleasant usage of flute – which supports Rimita’s fine voice. The Bengali song demonstrates that the primary strength of Rimita remains her polished harmonies cushioned in soft pop settings. Rimita’s unique vocals are certainly the showpiece in providing life to the song. Reviewed exclusively for Artist Aloud by PARAG KAMANI



Home – John Flynn

From the land of the Big Apple or close to it any way, New Jersey based John Flynn has been a seasoned musician, but having launched a solo album only last year. On “Home”, Flynn has found a happy medium away from the aggression of the late ’70s punk to the more danceable, upbeat rhythms of ska of that era and, if you stretch your musical imagination further, the song is also charged with a philosophical sentiment that states that to find your real home, bypass materialism, and achieve it through peace, happiness, and love. It is also left to Flynn to provide a little Caribbean sun to his song with brass sweetening the sounds that sweep across it. Essentially, “Home” is where Flynn’s heart is. Reviewed exclusively for Artist Aloud by PARAG KAMANI



Soberbia – Tiananmen

From Guatemala arrives the three-piece Tiananmen who have been operating as a band since 1992. Since their debut in 1994 to last year’s “Emisor”, Tiananmen’s sound heralds a serious approach to the hey days of the New Wave movement, combining the best of new age sounds with electro-pop from the ’80s. With synths blazing [courtesy Juan Carlos Rojas, who is also responsible for the song’s Spanish vocals], combined with effective guitar [Luis Fernando Rojas] and bass undertones [Sergio Salares]. While each instrument is highlighted on “Soberbia”, it is indeed a pleasure to hear the sounds of Tiananmen in this decade and era.Reviewed exclusively for Artist Aloud by PARAG KAMANI


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Exclusive song reviews by Industry expert `Parag Kamani’

Sangeeta Vyas

Yaadon Ke Samandar – Sangeeta Vyas

From a city known for uncovering talent across multifarious creative fields arrives Lucknow born and bred Sangeeta Vyas, a singer who has undergone formal training in Hindustani classical vocals. It shows on “Yaadon Ke Samandar”, a song that has an obvious feel – and beat – of a slow starting train that picks up speed to a uniform tempo as it chugs along until its inevitable end. Nevertheless, the weakness of the song does not hamper the uniqueness in Sangeeta’s voice as it completely overshadows the instrumentation which is, at best, low key. There may not be anything new or even remotely revolutionary in the sound that has all been heard before to attract new music disciples, but Sangeeta’s voice changes all that. Hopefully, she can only get better with an appropriate selection of tracks that support her gifted singing talent. Review by PARAG KAMANI


Betsy & Me – Ho Jo Fro

The unlikely named Ho Jo Fro is a five-member band from U.S., formed in 1992, but who appear to be stuck in a time warp from the punk and new wave eras of the late ’70s with a song named “Betsy & Me” that is reminiscent of sounds emanating from the Cars to the Stranglers. While you have to admire Ho Jo Fro for being one of the few bands to do the unthinkable, merging both styles, one cannot help but wonder if there are still listeners of this generation who listen to content like this, which I thought had been rendered obsolete several decades ago. Review by PARAG KAMANI

Carmen Chiasson

You Make Me Dizzy – Carmenne Chiasson

What’s with this trip into nostalgia? Canadian singer Carmenne Chiasson appears to be tripping on it too as “You Make Me Dizzy” would not seem out of place if it had been released in the ’60s era of the surf sounds in terms of its melody and vocals. While the song may not have a major musical vision of the legends from that era, Jan & Dean or the Beach Boys, nevertheless Carmenne does a neat job of layering the sound with harmonies, whereas lyrically and vocally, Carmenne is succinct and clear. There is no doubt about the intentional sense of nostalgia pervading throughout the song, in both its melody and arrangements. Added to it is the feel good factor of the past, which adds to an artiste who is obviously enjoying what she has done, which certainly makes “You Make Me Dizzy” fun listening.Review by PARAG KAMANI

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We came , we brought the artists & their music painted the town in Music !! Aamchi Mumbai rocked at the WORLI FESTIVAL. No problem If you couldn’t be there, we bring you the festival in frames !! photo courtesy – @Suyash Mohan , @Akbar Siddiqui (@Fotofunk)

Lesle_003 Lesle_005 Shibani_001 Shibani_003 Suneeta_002 Kavita_006 Kavita_005 Chandresh_005 Chandresh_001 Shibani_001We came , we brought the artists & their music painted the town in Music !! Aamchi Mumbai rocked at the WORLI FESTIVAL. No problem If you couldn’t be there, we bring you the festival in frames !! photo courtesy - @Suyash Mohan , @Akbar Siddiqui (@Fotofunk)


Lohri, Artist Aloud & DHOL


Some of us can dance, many of us cannot…but there is something that can make even non dancers forget their dancing skills and start shaking a leg. That one thing is called the DHOL!! On the festive occasion of Lohri, Artist Aloud is proud to bring Indi Pop star Jasbir Jassi’s latest track DHOL!!

The Dhol with its Bhangra beat has taken the world, its many clubs and dancing shoes by storm. Jasbir Jassi, the indi pop star who is known for his extremely popular song Dil Le Gai Kudi’ is back with a bang!! Energetic, foot tapping, and extremely well produced is DHOL! Along with the beats of the Dhol & the moves of Bhangra, Jasbir Jassi brings finesse & quality in his vocals.

We love DHOL and really don’t have much to say but…

 `Saari duniya nachai Mitron Punjabiyan di Dhol ne, balle balle karayi mitron Punjabiyan di Dhol Ne’

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Artist Aloud completes 4 yrs!!

With the internet spreading like wildfire, it was obvious that the `Digital’ platform as we know it today would be the most talked about, most sought after invention of the 21st century. But inventions and platforms have always been there; like they say the number of stories in the world are only as many as the fingers on your hand. The difference is not in the story; it is how you present them!

While every other media has been writing off Independent music, Artist Aloud over the last 4 years, thinking differently has time and again proved otherwise. Non film music, which is labeled as Independent music could never be written off! Music that is pop culture, songs that the generation of today have grown up listening to cannot be ignored. Independent music deserves recognition and Artist Aloud is proud to be its definitive digital platform for 4 yrs.

Independent music is in huge demand and this is exactly what Artist Aloud aims to power in its 5th year. Come 7th January 2014 and www.artistaloud.com will have an all new & exciting look. All it would take the user now is one click to access a huge number of songs & videos right at the home page. The new UI has been designed keeping in mind the fact that fans simply want more. With the addition of new tabs and features such as Interviews, What’s hot, Song Review, Regional & Artist of the Day, the new & improved www.artistaloud.com brings music entertainment bigger & better than before

On completing 4 yrs & talking on the future of Artist Aloud, AVP and Business & Product Head, Soumini Sridhara Paul says, “Seeing Artist Aloud complete 4 years is not just an achievement but a dream come true and this could not have been possible without Hungama, all the artists we have on board and my team. We are just at the beginning of where we want to be and having completed 4 yrs, we definitely know we are on the right path and it is only a matter of time that Independent Music will be synonymous with Artist Aloud.”

Artist Aloud says a big THANK YOU to all the artists for making a dream manifest, build & grow into www.artistaloud.com . In 2014, our Endeavour continues for the one purpose…to put Independent talent under the spotlight, which it rightly deserves. 

Christmas Week Special: Celebrating memories with Artist Aloud

It’s time for decorate your home and gorge over some yummy food and desserts! But all the celebrations get pepped up with that dash of music! Breaking away from the monotony of ‘Jingle bells’ and other Christmas songs, we at Artist Aloud have decided to give a contemporary touch to the season of Yuletide.

Eka’s ‘Christmas Feel It In The Air’ as the title aptly suggests speaks volumes about the festivity and the beauty of it. Magic with music brings energy and positivity to the celebration and AA plans to make it special with its interesting mix of pop, rock and different forms of music. Another suggestion could be the songs of Joanne Fernandes with songs like Love Jesus. What made it so special was the inert feelings that the singer expressed about the occasion and her love for the Lord himself.  Going the unconventional way she added those heavy beats of drums and rock tunes in this song that was dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ. Calling it as an unique tribute, this track is for the ones who like to keep their Christmas different.

Many such artists like to explore different genres of music, maintaining the devotional value at the same time breaking the norms of conventional forms of spiritual tracks.  So, this year tell us which is your pick from our AA Christmas collection?


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