This Is It – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – the man, the music, the enigma. Is there any one who knew him at all? Did his music speak about him? Did he have a premonition when he called his last gig, This Is It? There are so many speculations to what happened to Michael Jackson and about his death. Some say it was murder, some say it was suicide. Why do we always need to have an answer for everything?

Well, maybe not for everything. But when it comes to Michael Jackson, I surely wanted to know why did he have to go? As an artist there was no one who wasn’t his fan. Even in our own country, some of the biggest celebrities have been influenced by him and his music.

Sonu Nigam is one such celebrity who has come forward to show his fanaticism for the King Of Pop. And when he sings his song saying, “Michael, we love you”, he is actually speaking for all of us. Why did Sonu have to do this song, one may wonder. But I for one feel, why not? Is one artist’s adulation for another not allowed? And from the years that I have known Sonu, I believe that he is a man who has always been ready to express his feelings through his music. This is the best dedication I have heard and we feel proud to have been instrumental in making the song available to you through our platform.


– Soumini Sridhara Paul, General Manager,

  1. Itz really heart touching n wonderful expression, to know of the fact that Sonuji has done it,really loved the generosity of Sonuji,well,Godbless him to have taken part in praising n honouring our beloved POP GOD,MJ remembering him on the second death anniversary!loved it,thankz Sonuji!<3

    • Sid
    • March 15th, 2012

    Its really fantastic….Salute … !!! !! 0_0

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