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‘Maa’ will move you!

Having Shankar Mahadevan perform on the Nokia Smartnights WebCert Powered by was a sure sign that we have arrived. For Shankar Mahadevan it was his first ever digital concert; for us it was the first ever presentation of him on our platform. As an artist, I have always known Shankar to be different. Right from the days he debuted into the public eye with his unique and innovative track, Breathless followed by so many film hits, he is one of the few performers who can enthrall an audience with just his voice. He doesn’t need to do anything else.

Watching him perform live at the WebCert was a treat not just to the digital audience but also the crew that was putting the entire experience together. The tweets we were receiving during the concert was a complete indication that we have managed to pioneer a new form of entertainment. I have been often asked that will the WebCert have the same novelty value as watching an artist perform live in front of a physical audience?

The answer to that is, “What we have created here is an optional source of entertainment because today the consumer wants to be entertained on the move.” By partnering with Nokia, we were able to take this experience on the Web as well as Mobile.

Out of all the performances, one song that really moved us all was “Maa” from Taare Zameen Par. Shankar’s vocals and Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics evokes such emotional feelings that it is tough to contain oneself. We feel proud to be able to bring the experience of Shankar’s beautiful.

But what makes the effort of putting together the WebCert complete is to present new talents who have great music and are rearing to showcase their work. That is what we achieve by bringing in an opening act to each WebCert. Opening for Shankar was Nitish Pires who definitely showcases his talent in not only his vocals but also as a guitarist. You have to check out his song, “Hue Deewane”.