On The Ground with Motherjane

In the 14 years that I have been in the Music Business, I have seen the music industry going through so many changes and ups and downs but the one entity that has come out stronger than never before in today’s time is the Artist. You might ask, how? The way I see it, the Artist today has the creative freedom that he always wants and also the ability to present himself the way he wants. With social media, live venues and a large number of event companies all over the country, the artist today has the opportunity to build his brand value directly with the consumer thus creating a fan base that is constantly updated with his or her music and other information that the artist would want to impart.

One such band that comes to mind and who has created a huge name for themselves in India and abroad is Motherjane. This band can definitely sing and play their music. It was a wonderful opportunity to take the band to perform at Mangalore earlier this month where we had them perform at Lifestyle store. The crowd sure had a good time. And it gives us great joy to be able to take the ground experience onto a wider audience via our platforms – – Website, Facebook and YouTube.

– Soumini Sridhara Paul, AVP – Product Head,

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