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Seagram’s FUEL Music Day – Relive the Longest WebCert – Video by Video

On the 2nd of March 2012, Artist Aloud put together one of the most challenging events showcasing 50 artists back to back performing a song each. There was music performed across genres and languages including Pop, Rock, Global, Alternative and even Bollywood. When we conceptualized the event we had so many things to think about but the most concerning one amongst all was the arrival of all the artists who were to perform. Every artist’s performance was timed and slated and meant to be sacrosanct because that would ensure a smooth flow. What we saw was pure harmony between each of the people involved in this event – the artists, the event organizer, the crew. And what you see now is the end product of what turned out to be one of the most fulfilling events that we have ever done. We promise this event to be an annual event with more such promising and exciting artists who only want to perform and make music.

Radio Mirchi Music Awards

The 4th Radio Mirchi Music Awards was conducted last evening. It was really interesting to see how many new talent have sung in Bollywood Films this year. The industry is becoming so open to new talent today. Its really great to see this. Those days seem to have gone where only a handful of artists were running the Bollywood Music space. The benefit of that of course was that you could make out who has sung the song just by listening to the voice. Today that is not the case at all. You have to possibly google to find out who has sung the song. The last batch of known singers are not that regular today. Do you think its time they get back to where they started from – their own music?


Maize Mirchi – Michigan based group

When a South Asian A Capella group comes out with a song sounding like this, you cannot help but feel blessed to be able to hear. Talent that creates such music needs to be heard and experienced because that is what makes them evolve and create more music. Raring to release their new album, here are a bunch of young kids studying in a University in Michigan and finding time to showcase their talent while they are studying to be professionals in various fields. Check them out in this video and enjoy their style with songs that are so familiar but never heard like this.

Artist Aloud Awards – Pop Category

Last day for you to vote for your Best Song, Best Male, Best Female or Best Group in the Pop Category. We have had some great responses this year with a lot of votes for each of our artists. You hold the baton to crown the Best Song for the year. We have more than 89 artists that you can vote for across the entire Awards Campaign of 4 weeks. Make your vote count. Starting tomorrow, get to vote for artists under the Rock Category. Until then Pop It!


Artist Aloud Awards 2011 – FAQs

Every creativity deserves an award and every talent craves for one. When does something, it is always about doing something different in the way that nobody does. Hence we may also join the band wagon by running the Awards but we do it completely differently. With Awards, we are completely unbiased and let the consumer play his bias. After all, it is the consumer who makes an artist big or small. So who are we to influence. So what is the Artist Aloud Awards you may ask?

Here is the low down: Artist Aloud Awards is a 5 week process where each one of you get to vote for your Best Song, Best Male, Best Female and Best Group across the genres including Pop, Rock, Alternative and Global. Each week you get to vote for an average of 20 artists under each of the  genre categories. This continues across 4 weeks and in the 5th week you get to vote for Top 5 across Best Song, Best Male, Best Female and Best Group.

And guess what?! Your role doesn’t end there because you are the one who actually hands over the award to the final winners under the following 5 categories:

Best Song

Best Male

Best Female

Best Group

Best Genre (a combination of votes garnered across the above 4 Awards Categories)



Artist Aloud Anthem

Artist Aloud put together an Anthem with more than 30 artists coming together. Composed by Suresh Mendoza and performed by Suneeta Rao, Sharad Jagtiani , Himani Kapoor, Dhwani , Chin2 Bhosle , Rochana Dahanukar, Tauseef Aktar, Cheryl Balwani, RoopKumar Rathod, Sunali Rathod, Jjhoom, Aishwarya Majmudar, Nauzad Sadry, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Hema Sardesai, Jatin Pandit, Ritika Sahni, Daboo Malik, Ek, Arindam Chakraborty, Rupali Dalal, Talaash, Manasi Scott, Sanjay Maroo, Shibani Kashyap, Somesh Mathur, Suraj Jagan.

This is true collaboration and its only here you can say that it is Music First!

Jasleen Royal

This is one singer you need to look out for. She is raw, she is independent and she has style. Jasleen was one of the people who took part in India’s Got Talent and boy, does she have talent? Her new single “Panchi Hojavan” talks about the free spirit and the free mind. Her rustic style with simple next door girl looks makes her create a fashion statement that you may possibly have to see twice before catching on but you surely cannot brush her off. Her video as well may have been done in the same style by other musicians but you cannot help yourself from loving the simplicity. Jasleen is a believer and she makes you want to believe that if you have something to offer then do it in your way as that is what her new single that has been released by promises.

Seagram’s FUEL Music Day created history last night by successfully executing the longest WebCert ever done in India showcasing 50 artists back to back on 1 stage from 12pm – 9pm. The show had multiple highpoints with performances from artists like Aishwarya Majmudar of Chote Ustad fame, Suneeta Rao who needs no introduction, Neha Bhasin who won a Stardust Awards this year for her song Dhunki, Shilpa Rao who again proved her versitality, Earl URL and Sukanya who mesmerized the audience with their unique global to Bollywood transition, etc. The variety of genres and talent across the entire 9 hrs made the concert totally dynamic and it was very tough for either the seated audience or the online audience to find a dull moment. This event was the beginning of what will become an annual affair at which will showcase different set of artists across genres and styles every year. This is our festival offering to the Independent Music Space.