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The Adventures of ArtistAloud – Treasure Chest

ArtistAloud wants to share an awesome adventure experience with you all!

We found a piece of paper recently with some sort of directions and some clues which didn’t make sense at all. It had clues like `I am a religion in this country’ and `I am a rockstar, everyone from Rahman to Justin Beiber is stinking rich courtesy me’!!

The paper also had a zig zag route with all kinds of fiery, scary, monstrous obstacles and at the end of this route was a big sealed box which said `hey  ,you there, can you get here and help us get out of this box’? We then realized that the piece of paper was actually a treasure map with a `TREASURE CHEST’, waiting to be opened!!!! We immediately put on our Sherlock Holmes coats and Dr Watson hats and immediately questions started popping up in our heads – `But what do those clues suggest? What could be inside the TREASURE CHEST?’

Images of what could be `religion in this country’ and who could be this `rockstar ’ started flashing in our heads and it didn’t take us long before….. WE CRACKED THE CODE!! HOW SIMPLE CAN IT BE? Ok, let us tell you…..

Guys, in a secular country like ours, there is only one religion….`CRICKET’ !!

And of course, the rockstar who’s responsible for making millionaires out of everyone, from Rahman to Justin Beiber……` MUSIC’ !!!

Whoever thought of locking these two surely picked the wrong guy!! Without wasting a second we put on our ArtistAloud superhero suits and rushed to the rescue! Going through the zig zag route, wading off fiery, scary, monstrous obstacles, we finally reached the TREASURE CHEST!! And Just like in the movies, where the hero always gets the gal, we broke the shackles, and unlocked the treasure of CRICKET and MUSIC!!!

But that’s not it guys… Coz Part 2 of this awesome adventure starts now! All this month ArtistAloud is going to take you on an adventure of Music and cricket!

First, ArtistAloud takes you on a Cricket adventure with the ArtistAloud Premier league, where 13 awesome artists bring you 13 awesome cricket anthems .Pick and choose from this amazing compilation of cricket songs to support your favorite T20 team. Just when you are left wanting for more, ArtistAloud takes you on a musical adventure with some fresh, new, amazing independent music  !Tune in to our `treasure chest top 10’ every week and pamper your ears on the Music and Cricket treasure!

Open the Treasure chest, live the Cricket and Music adventure all this month only and only on


EKA Speaks

From the clapping of the hands, the snapping of the fingers, to the tapping of your feet, from the rhythm of your heart beat, the melody that proceeds out of your soul through the whistling, to the voice reaching out to entertain people…there’s music all around us, in everything…. Is music the greatest gift from God ?

Peace in the midst of turmoil,
Hope in the midst of despair,
Salvation for the lost,
Healing for the dying,
Abundance for those in need….
….music has the power to connect, touch and change the lives of millions the world over.

That is why when a KK sings Tadap Tadap your moment freezes, or you fall in love all over again when you hear Shreya Ghosal or Celine Dion  sing, you live every emotion as you hear Joe Satriani  wail and weep on his guitar, you know you’ve witnessed an epic if you’ve seen the late Michael Jackson perform. The Beatles’ mania, the timelessness of Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy’s music, the intricate compositions & elaborate arrangements of AR Rehman’s music traverse eras.

The music is always greater than the musician. We are all but a medium and every heartsong weaves a new world, with each strum, each note revealing an expression unique.
With so many styles, forms and genres to get inspired from and even more to learn from, why put any boundaries on a medium that has the power to connect people irrespective of language, religion, age or background ?

And as the world now comes to live as one, it falls upon us to create music which is Swatantra and meaningful to people all across the globe.

Eka coined the term Swatantra Rock to categorise its music. It means music beyond music, time and boundaries. It means music
… which is born free
… with a purpose
… that has a feel of timelessness to it
… that knows no boundaries, geographical or that of the mind.

While composing & arranging a new song, EKA believes in going with the flow of music and developing it organically in a direction that the song demands.
For us as performers, stage is where our heart is and there’s nothing more exciting than to get on stage and play our music.

We feel blessed to be on our journey to achieving this common dream with Eka.

Benny,Hitesh and Lokesh

Give mother Earth an online Hug with ArtistAloud and Eka

Beauty, Compassion, Seasons, Moods, Prayer, Special Element X – The five `plus one special’ Elements of Mother Earth – These encompass all that is needed to survive in this Creation. Without any one of the five, the Earth would cease to exist. The Five Elements are basic, but the knowledge surrounding them runs deep. It is our job as humans to balance, protect and spread these elements.

But when any of these 5 elements are out of balance, disease, stress, violence, depression, lack of clarity and unhappiness can occur.

This Earth day, Eka shows you the 5 elements through 5 songs that applaud, salute, pay a tribute and above all, they put their arms around mother Earth and say `yes mother, don’t worry, we are there for you!’

–          5 elements, 5 songs, 1 big hug for mother Earth  –

Beauty of mother EarthShe’s beautiful (There is only one Earth)

Compassion for mother EarthThe Earth Care Pledge Song

Seasons of mother EarthEarth Care Theme Song – Part 1

Moods of mother EarthEarth Care Theme Song – Part 2


Prayer for mother EarthDharti Hamari

Element X – ?


Are you wondering what the 6th special element x is?  Uncover this most special `Element X’ with ArtistAloud.

Element X is `you ’

This week on our top ten ,ArtistAloud and Eka bring you songs that speak about and for our mother earth .Download the songs and then, add the element x, the ‘you element’ on our facebook page, `like’ us or just post `hug’ on our wall to create the ArtistAloud online hug for mother earth! 

We are taking a poll. Please participate!

Pudhil station ArtistAloud, Agla station ArtistAloud, Next station ArtistAloud!!

`Platform Top 10 pe aayi hui gadi 16 April ki Hindi se Marathi, Marathi se Bengali, Bengali se Gujarati aur Gujarati se English jaane waali 10 gaano ki dheemi local hai, yeh local sabhi gaano pe rukegi !!’ 

Thanks to this day, 16th April, really a legendary date!! Agar 16th April nahi hota, toh aaj…… Bhagat Singh  nahin hota, Gabbar daaku nahin ban paata, Raj Simran ko dulhaniya nahin bana paata, Aditya Geet se kabhi mil nahin paata, Mumbai – Delhi ka distance sirf 18 hrs kabhi nahin hota and the most important…..MAIN AAJ OFFICE NAHIN AA PAATA !!

Guys, today in 1853 was the day when the 1st passenger rail took off from Mumbai to Thane! For a 159 yrs now, the `RAILGAADI’ has been an integral part of our lives. Be it summer vacations, college exams, getting to work on time, it has always been there! The very sound of `chuk chuk’ is so musical, symbolic of `starting and then reaching your destination’!

The Railgaadi over the years has introduced us to such melodic passengers like `Jiya o jiya o jiya kuch bol do’ , `Rahee matwale’, `Hai apna dil to awara, `Auraton ke dabbe mein mard aa gaya’, `Aao bachchon tumhe dikhayen jhaki hindustan ki’, `Mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu’, `Pyar bantthe chalo’ , `Gaadi bula rahi hai’, `Hum dono do premi duniya chhod chale’, `Jeevan hai ek sapna’, ` Phoolon ki rang se’, `Dekhoji ek bala jogi’ to the more recent `Chiku buku’,`C haiyya Chaiyya’, `kasto mazaa’,  and `Dhadak Dhadak’. And if we recall, It also introduced rap in India, with `railgaadi railgaadi’- remember Ashok kumar in the 1st Indian rap song?

The firangi `Train’ has also not been far behind with songs like  “A Passage To Bangkok” – Rush, “Crazy Train” – Ozzy Osbourne , “Driver 8” – R.E.M, “Locomotive Breath” – Jethro Tull, “Long Train Runnin'” – The Doobie Brothers, “Love Train” – The O’Jays, “Peace Train” – Cat Stevens

 Such an amazing journey of 159 yrs deserves an applaud! This week ArtistAloud pays a musical tribute with 10 songs, 10 stations, 10 languages, on 1 amazing train – THE RAILGAADI TOP 10!! Get your weekly pass, listen and download songs from 10 different stations, 10 different languages all this week……only and only on `Pudhil station ArtistAloud, Agla station ArtistAloud, Next station ArtistAloud!!


Poor Monday mornings, always associated with adjectives like Blues, Lazy, Grouchy, Sleepy and you’re probably reading this at 9:30 am either on your gadget waiting for the `teacher from hell’ to come and take lecture at your school/college, or sitting on your office desk waiting for the coffee machine to warm up and you are thinking ……`of course what else could a Monday morning be? But we at ArtistAloud think a little differently…….

Did you realize today is the 9th?? Come on guys, it’s `the 9th’!! Don’t get it yet? Ok lemme explain…

9 is a magic number, multiply any number with 9 and what you get is …a 9! The Hebrews referred to nine as the symbol of immutable Truth. And here’s the truth…..

 ArtistAloud is here to change your Monday morning blues and all other sicknesses into `BLISSFULL HAPPINESS’. Multiply your happiness x9 this week as we take you on board the ArtistAloud flight to `CLOUD NO 9 ‘… No, you won’t have to worry about coming back, coz hey its 9, whatever you do, how much ever you try and exhaust your happiness, you are just not gonna run out of it !! So what are you waiting for?? Kick start your Monday by listening to 9 happy melodies all this week in the `Cloud no 9’ playlist…..Only and only on

Month Long Vacation needed – Formally or On Demand!!


Dear Boss;

“It’s April …. The month meant to be taken off …. Formally or on Demand!”(Heh  …heh..)


Every Music devotee – from every corner of the world should write to his/her organization requesting this perk which would only enhance their music-ness further.

And why should that be??

Hey, simply coz it’s April – a month when the whole world is packing its bags and heading towards the coolest music festivals `happening’ across the Globe!! Okay, now that the letter has been delivered to the boss/es, it is time to get down to doing some real work!!  So here it is, listed below are the top 10 music Festivals happening this month on our planet!! Guess which of these is gonna be most headed out for??

  1. 1.      Sensation São Paulo April 17 Anhembi, São Paulo, Brazil – The best dj’s bring the house down in this insane event that has taken place in venues across the globe. This festival requires everyone to wear only white and last year it saw a big wave of 40,000 people dressed in white dancing and grooving away!!


  1. Snowbombing April 5 – April 10, Mayrhofen, Mayrhofen, Austria – People in this cold cold country wait for two things; the first sunshine after the harsh winter and the music festival!! The music is a mix of indie/electronic. Head to Austria catch headliners Fatboy slim, the Editors, and Doves along with other indie/electronic artists


  1. Rokolectiv April 23 – April 25 Bucharest, Romania – only in its 5th year, a smaller festival but make no mistake, this one will blow you away!!


  1. Awakenings Easter Weekender April 23 – April 25 Gashouder Amsterdam, Netherlands – a theme based music festival spanning across 3 days…..they say this festival an institution, cannot be wrong as it takes place in Holland, one of the top 3 in the world for music festivals !


  1. Coachella April 16 – April 18 Empire Polo Field Indio, United States – catch Jay-Z, DJ Tiesto, and Gorillaz at America’s best music fest , an indie’s dream !


  1. Electron Festival April 1 – April 4 Geneva, Switzerland – contemporary dance troupes perform through the day, various exhibits to attend throughout the city and at night, it’s time to burn your feet to the music!! And while you are at it, send your folks for a `run around the trees’ wearing linen /chiffon J


  1. Electronica en Abril April 16 – April 24 Spain Barcelona | Madrid – Get high at this electronica overdose which spans lasts for two weekends


  1. Mayday April 30 Westfalenhalle Dortmund, Germany – This is big daddy of music festivals in the EU. Trance fanatics have been storming this festival, running in its 20th year!!! Is 50 djs enough to satisfy your thirst for trance??


  1. New Orleans Jazz Festival April 23 – May 2 New Orleans, USA – Ok now this is a pilgrimage for music lovers!! The city music messiahs Blues, Jazz and Dixieland Jazz took birth. So whats happening this year? Well not much, just ….you might have heard of Pearl Jam, Simon & Garfunkel, Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Lionel Richie, and Anita Baker?


  1. Bang Face Weekender April 23 – April 25 Pontins Camber Sands Sussex, United Kingdom – Ok so this is where you go you `Prehistoric Bangasaurus ‘!! Don’t be baffled, that’s the theme for this year at this insane festival!! In simple words, it translates to `caveman at a rave’!! A festival with a name which you probably shouldn’t tell your folks about but if you manage to get here…you’ll love the rave, acid and electro acts!!


Whoa!!! Four weeks of super fun across the globe! But doesn’t all this make one think that  in a country obsessed with festivals of all kinds, why isn’t there a culture of music festivals? Yes, agreed that there are a few music festivals around but the impact is really not there .Our music is rich. With artists in various genres and styles and it certainly can boast of a huge list of stalwarts in our treasury!

So, now, do you think music festivals can give Indian music a global recognition which it truly deserves?]

(PS – is this good enough boss? Can I now leave for the month… Can I?)


Blog For The Week – 2nd – 8th April 2012

This week is a special one ! If we look down in history, it is a week which has given us extreme jubilation and extreme sorrow …. On one side, it was a week which saw our nation becoming the world champions in international cricket, beating Sri Lanka in the final on the 2nd of April 2011……and on the other side…..this was also a week in the year 1994, in which the world lost a rock god, a man whose guitar obeyed his master’s instructions, a music legend, Kurt Cobain!

Happiness and Sorrow are the two opposite but also the most important ends of any form of art, especially Music. And this is why we want you to experience and relive these beautiful emotions on our Portal!

Relive the jubilation of winning on Artist Aloud with the talented band `Muziminds’ and their song `India hi jeetega’. Check them out under `NEW THIS WEEK’ to know more about them.

Artist Aloud pays a tribute to the guitar god / musical legend Kurt Cobain as we bring to you the top ten rock songs all this week

Let the thumping of the drum beats, the vibrations of guitar take you through this beautiful journey back in time!