Blog For The Week – 2nd – 8th April 2012

This week is a special one ! If we look down in history, it is a week which has given us extreme jubilation and extreme sorrow …. On one side, it was a week which saw our nation becoming the world champions in international cricket, beating Sri Lanka in the final on the 2nd of April 2011……and on the other side…..this was also a week in the year 1994, in which the world lost a rock god, a man whose guitar obeyed his master’s instructions, a music legend, Kurt Cobain!

Happiness and Sorrow are the two opposite but also the most important ends of any form of art, especially Music. And this is why we want you to experience and relive these beautiful emotions on our Portal!

Relive the jubilation of winning on Artist Aloud with the talented band `Muziminds’ and their song `India hi jeetega’. Check them out under `NEW THIS WEEK’ to know more about them.

Artist Aloud pays a tribute to the guitar god / musical legend Kurt Cobain as we bring to you the top ten rock songs all this week

Let the thumping of the drum beats, the vibrations of guitar take you through this beautiful journey back in time!

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