Month Long Vacation needed – Formally or On Demand!!


Dear Boss;

“It’s April …. The month meant to be taken off …. Formally or on Demand!”(Heh  …heh..)


Every Music devotee – from every corner of the world should write to his/her organization requesting this perk which would only enhance their music-ness further.

And why should that be??

Hey, simply coz it’s April – a month when the whole world is packing its bags and heading towards the coolest music festivals `happening’ across the Globe!! Okay, now that the letter has been delivered to the boss/es, it is time to get down to doing some real work!!  So here it is, listed below are the top 10 music Festivals happening this month on our planet!! Guess which of these is gonna be most headed out for??

  1. 1.      Sensation São Paulo April 17 Anhembi, São Paulo, Brazil – The best dj’s bring the house down in this insane event that has taken place in venues across the globe. This festival requires everyone to wear only white and last year it saw a big wave of 40,000 people dressed in white dancing and grooving away!!


  1. Snowbombing April 5 – April 10, Mayrhofen, Mayrhofen, Austria – People in this cold cold country wait for two things; the first sunshine after the harsh winter and the music festival!! The music is a mix of indie/electronic. Head to Austria catch headliners Fatboy slim, the Editors, and Doves along with other indie/electronic artists


  1. Rokolectiv April 23 – April 25 Bucharest, Romania – only in its 5th year, a smaller festival but make no mistake, this one will blow you away!!


  1. Awakenings Easter Weekender April 23 – April 25 Gashouder Amsterdam, Netherlands – a theme based music festival spanning across 3 days…..they say this festival an institution, cannot be wrong as it takes place in Holland, one of the top 3 in the world for music festivals !


  1. Coachella April 16 – April 18 Empire Polo Field Indio, United States – catch Jay-Z, DJ Tiesto, and Gorillaz at America’s best music fest , an indie’s dream !


  1. Electron Festival April 1 – April 4 Geneva, Switzerland – contemporary dance troupes perform through the day, various exhibits to attend throughout the city and at night, it’s time to burn your feet to the music!! And while you are at it, send your folks for a `run around the trees’ wearing linen /chiffon J


  1. Electronica en Abril April 16 – April 24 Spain Barcelona | Madrid – Get high at this electronica overdose which spans lasts for two weekends


  1. Mayday April 30 Westfalenhalle Dortmund, Germany – This is big daddy of music festivals in the EU. Trance fanatics have been storming this festival, running in its 20th year!!! Is 50 djs enough to satisfy your thirst for trance??


  1. New Orleans Jazz Festival April 23 – May 2 New Orleans, USA – Ok now this is a pilgrimage for music lovers!! The city music messiahs Blues, Jazz and Dixieland Jazz took birth. So whats happening this year? Well not much, just ….you might have heard of Pearl Jam, Simon & Garfunkel, Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Lionel Richie, and Anita Baker?


  1. Bang Face Weekender April 23 – April 25 Pontins Camber Sands Sussex, United Kingdom – Ok so this is where you go you `Prehistoric Bangasaurus ‘!! Don’t be baffled, that’s the theme for this year at this insane festival!! In simple words, it translates to `caveman at a rave’!! A festival with a name which you probably shouldn’t tell your folks about but if you manage to get here…you’ll love the rave, acid and electro acts!!


Whoa!!! Four weeks of super fun across the globe! But doesn’t all this make one think that  in a country obsessed with festivals of all kinds, why isn’t there a culture of music festivals? Yes, agreed that there are a few music festivals around but the impact is really not there .Our music is rich. With artists in various genres and styles and it certainly can boast of a huge list of stalwarts in our treasury!

So, now, do you think music festivals can give Indian music a global recognition which it truly deserves?]

(PS – is this good enough boss? Can I now leave for the month… Can I?)


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