Poor Monday mornings, always associated with adjectives like Blues, Lazy, Grouchy, Sleepy and you’re probably reading this at 9:30 am either on your gadget waiting for the `teacher from hell’ to come and take lecture at your school/college, or sitting on your office desk waiting for the coffee machine to warm up and you are thinking ……`of course what else could a Monday morning be? But we at ArtistAloud think a little differently…….

Did you realize today is the 9th?? Come on guys, it’s `the 9th’!! Don’t get it yet? Ok lemme explain…

9 is a magic number, multiply any number with 9 and what you get is …a 9! The Hebrews referred to nine as the symbol of immutable Truth. And here’s the truth…..

 ArtistAloud is here to change your Monday morning blues and all other sicknesses into `BLISSFULL HAPPINESS’. Multiply your happiness x9 this week as we take you on board the ArtistAloud flight to `CLOUD NO 9 ‘… No, you won’t have to worry about coming back, coz hey its 9, whatever you do, how much ever you try and exhaust your happiness, you are just not gonna run out of it !! So what are you waiting for?? Kick start your Monday by listening to 9 happy melodies all this week in the `Cloud no 9’ playlist…..Only and only on

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