Give mother Earth an online Hug with ArtistAloud and Eka

Beauty, Compassion, Seasons, Moods, Prayer, Special Element X – The five `plus one special’ Elements of Mother Earth – These encompass all that is needed to survive in this Creation. Without any one of the five, the Earth would cease to exist. The Five Elements are basic, but the knowledge surrounding them runs deep. It is our job as humans to balance, protect and spread these elements.

But when any of these 5 elements are out of balance, disease, stress, violence, depression, lack of clarity and unhappiness can occur.

This Earth day, Eka shows you the 5 elements through 5 songs that applaud, salute, pay a tribute and above all, they put their arms around mother Earth and say `yes mother, don’t worry, we are there for you!’

–          5 elements, 5 songs, 1 big hug for mother Earth  –

Beauty of mother EarthShe’s beautiful (There is only one Earth)

Compassion for mother EarthThe Earth Care Pledge Song

Seasons of mother EarthEarth Care Theme Song – Part 1

Moods of mother EarthEarth Care Theme Song – Part 2


Prayer for mother EarthDharti Hamari

Element X – ?


Are you wondering what the 6th special element x is?  Uncover this most special `Element X’ with ArtistAloud.

Element X is `you ’

This week on our top ten ,ArtistAloud and Eka bring you songs that speak about and for our mother earth .Download the songs and then, add the element x, the ‘you element’ on our facebook page, `like’ us or just post `hug’ on our wall to create the ArtistAloud online hug for mother earth! 

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