EKA Speaks

From the clapping of the hands, the snapping of the fingers, to the tapping of your feet, from the rhythm of your heart beat, the melody that proceeds out of your soul through the whistling, to the voice reaching out to entertain people…there’s music all around us, in everything…. Is music the greatest gift from God ?

Peace in the midst of turmoil,
Hope in the midst of despair,
Salvation for the lost,
Healing for the dying,
Abundance for those in need….
….music has the power to connect, touch and change the lives of millions the world over.

That is why when a KK sings Tadap Tadap your moment freezes, or you fall in love all over again when you hear Shreya Ghosal or Celine Dion  sing, you live every emotion as you hear Joe Satriani  wail and weep on his guitar, you know you’ve witnessed an epic if you’ve seen the late Michael Jackson perform. The Beatles’ mania, the timelessness of Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy’s music, the intricate compositions & elaborate arrangements of AR Rehman’s music traverse eras.

The music is always greater than the musician. We are all but a medium and every heartsong weaves a new world, with each strum, each note revealing an expression unique.
With so many styles, forms and genres to get inspired from and even more to learn from, why put any boundaries on a medium that has the power to connect people irrespective of language, religion, age or background ?

And as the world now comes to live as one, it falls upon us to create music which is Swatantra and meaningful to people all across the globe.

Eka coined the term Swatantra Rock to categorise its music. It means music beyond music, time and boundaries. It means music
… which is born free
… with a purpose
… that has a feel of timelessness to it
… that knows no boundaries, geographical or that of the mind.

While composing & arranging a new song, EKA believes in going with the flow of music and developing it organically in a direction that the song demands.
For us as performers, stage is where our heart is and there’s nothing more exciting than to get on stage and play our music.

We feel blessed to be on our journey to achieving this common dream with Eka.

Benny,Hitesh and Lokesh

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