The Adventures of ArtistAloud – Treasure Chest

ArtistAloud wants to share an awesome adventure experience with you all!

We found a piece of paper recently with some sort of directions and some clues which didn’t make sense at all. It had clues like `I am a religion in this country’ and `I am a rockstar, everyone from Rahman to Justin Beiber is stinking rich courtesy me’!!

The paper also had a zig zag route with all kinds of fiery, scary, monstrous obstacles and at the end of this route was a big sealed box which said `hey  ,you there, can you get here and help us get out of this box’? We then realized that the piece of paper was actually a treasure map with a `TREASURE CHEST’, waiting to be opened!!!! We immediately put on our Sherlock Holmes coats and Dr Watson hats and immediately questions started popping up in our heads – `But what do those clues suggest? What could be inside the TREASURE CHEST?’

Images of what could be `religion in this country’ and who could be this `rockstar ’ started flashing in our heads and it didn’t take us long before….. WE CRACKED THE CODE!! HOW SIMPLE CAN IT BE? Ok, let us tell you…..

Guys, in a secular country like ours, there is only one religion….`CRICKET’ !!

And of course, the rockstar who’s responsible for making millionaires out of everyone, from Rahman to Justin Beiber……` MUSIC’ !!!

Whoever thought of locking these two surely picked the wrong guy!! Without wasting a second we put on our ArtistAloud superhero suits and rushed to the rescue! Going through the zig zag route, wading off fiery, scary, monstrous obstacles, we finally reached the TREASURE CHEST!! And Just like in the movies, where the hero always gets the gal, we broke the shackles, and unlocked the treasure of CRICKET and MUSIC!!!

But that’s not it guys… Coz Part 2 of this awesome adventure starts now! All this month ArtistAloud is going to take you on an adventure of Music and cricket!

First, ArtistAloud takes you on a Cricket adventure with the ArtistAloud Premier league, where 13 awesome artists bring you 13 awesome cricket anthems .Pick and choose from this amazing compilation of cricket songs to support your favorite T20 team. Just when you are left wanting for more, ArtistAloud takes you on a musical adventure with some fresh, new, amazing independent music  !Tune in to our `treasure chest top 10’ every week and pamper your ears on the Music and Cricket treasure!

Open the Treasure chest, live the Cricket and Music adventure all this month only and only on


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