Independent Music – Why does it work ?

In our country, when we listen to a song on TV, Radio or on the Internet, it stays in our mind.This is not because a particular song is good or bad, it is a result of the media exploiting our inquisitive mind by feeding a particular song to our ears till they don’t start bleeding and it just goes on and on. One song comes in, it is played till you forcibly don’t accept it and once you accept it, they bring out another one! The audience today has become a zombie republic, immune to any torture.

Now comes the question, when we have become immune, why is it that when we hear an unknown song by an unknown artist, there is a feeling of something new, something unexplored? These songs or artists are not popular in the main stream media; neither do their music videos feature superstars. So what makes this kind of music work?

The answer to this is right within us. These unknown songs and artists represent a `freedom’ and `independence’ that we all seek from our daily doze of mundane and zombie media consumption. We all have become immune to pollution but who doesn’t welcome a breath of fresh air? The freedom, independence, freshness, uniqueness and a sense of mystery that independent music brings in is what makes it work.

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