Dad, I want to be a Musician

Dad, I want to be a musician

ACT 1 – The Beginning

It has been the same story for all of us musicians. It is almost like the whole musician community, here in India is subjected to follow the same script, screenplay and dialogue! In the movie of a musician’s life in India, the hero is talented, he is musical and as he is growing up, he wants to be a part of a band, he wants to perform, he doesn’t want to think about anything else but play the guitar, or sing or rock the drums….. This is how the movie opens up with a happy beginning. But what happens next?

ACT 2 – The Villian

The neighbor’s son, a top ranker, always scores 99.5 whenever he writes an exam. He’s a superstar within the teacher’s community. He goes to school, comes back home for less than 10 min and then rushes away to another whole 8 hr shift of tuition and extra classes. In short, he’s the works when it comes to academics and hell ya…. Our musical hero’s folks too believe he’s going places and our hero nowhere! We all hear the same dialogues as our hero does ` Kya time waste karte rehte ho tum’ , kisi `kaam ke ho’, 3rd floor waale Mr Ghosh ke bête ko dekha hai,topper hai who’ , pata nahin kya hoga tumhara, aise hi guitar pe haath maarte rahoge to sadak pe bheekh maangte dikhoge’ !!

ACT 3 – The Conflict

Our hero puts up with all the non musical nonsense and goes to college, is a part of a band there too but somehow, just somehow manages to get a degree. Now his band members, due to family pressures slowly start going different ways, one guy has moved to Dubai, the other to Bengaluru and is working with in I-T firm and our hero is now stuck, without knowing where to go, what to do ! So he goes their way as well and gets into a job, doesn’t get to play his guitar much now and slowly starts to think………have I really gone wrong? Did I make the right choice in Music? Will I be able to make a living as a musician?

ACT 4 – The Climax / Ending

It is 2012 and the copyright bill has been affected finally! Our hero, through one of his contacts, gets a change to compose a single in a compilation album. He takes a shot at it and to his surprise….it becomes a huge hit, it goes viral online and receives over a million hits! And with this one song, within a blink of an eye, all the conflict in his mind about whether he is doing the right thing or not, just washes away. All those who thought our hero was going nowhere are proven wrong! His musical journey truly begins now……..


As singer Kailash Kher tweeted – “India’s historic day in art and music, Copyright bill passed unanimously in both the houses in parliament. It’s the beginning of big change in India. So many great musicians, writers, composers will bless this era even from heaven. India will witness great change in creative world’, is thrilled about the copyright bill being finally affected !


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