So what if it’s Monday….Just chill out!!

Oh yeah, he’s dressed in all black …..He’s wearing the smell of the soil as his perfume . All the boys and girls in the house are waiting for him……..he sure knows how to make a big entrance……..its The Rain God and he has finally arrived…… and he’s playing DJ all over the country.  What a smooth mover he is…moving from city to city , spinning the clouds just like a DJ, churning out sounds ,basslines and rythms, making all of us dance to the groove of the rain !! Who wants to work on a Monday??

Its bye bye for now to the blazing sun, which has finally gone on vacation and it feels so chilled out! The rain is here to make sure that your mood is laid back and relaxed. And it certainly has had an effect on us too…..this week we’ve decided to make sure that we bring you music that will keep your week totally chilled out. this week is your chill out zone, hear `Tanha Sa Hoon’ the new album from Lesle Lewis, a perfect lounge album and add to that the ArtistAloud chill out top 10, with 10 tracks that will sooth your mood and relax your senses.

So what if it’s Monday?? Just put your headphones on and chill out!! Hear and download the best of fusion, lounge, easy listening and chill out music with Lesle Lewis, Advaita, Babu Chowdhary, Mynta, DJ Dev, Shadow Lounge, Shanti, GD Prasad and more all this week right here on…… – The sound of Independence

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