A case of Supply and Demand

There are so many independent music players in the scene today – Record Labels coming back to represent artists and search for new talent, event companies putting together various multiple genre festivals, venues like Blue Frog and HRC providing live music entertainment, etc. The question is – Do the indie artists need us or do we need them?

When we did the Music Day event on the 2nd of March 2012 showcasing 50 artists performing back to back, I remember doing a phone interview with Erica D’souza asking me how I felt to be providing a platform to the artists. Am I really providing a platform to them? I honestly do not see it that way. I think if we did not have all the artists we did have, we wouldn’t have had an event that proudly showcased a lineup of 50 artists. And that is not a small feat in any way I must say.

OML, who has built a strong name for themselves through NH7 festival, The Dewarist on STAR World and the Eristoff Invasion featuring Prodigy and David Guetta has built its name as the company that has brought urban eclectic music to the forefront. Having completed two successful years creating possibly the first ever festival showcasing independent artists, they are now in the process of putting together a three city festival this year ensuring that it reaches out to more people. So who actually gets the larger piece of the cake – is it the artist that performs at the festival or the company putting it together? Obviously we know what the answer is.

After a gap of a number of years, almost a year back, Sony Music partnered with Oranjuice and formed an event called LIVE From the Console that happens either every month or fortnightly at the Mehboob Studio. The event has also provided the opportunity for Sony Music to create an Independent Label on the side – Day One. Would this have been possible without the availability of the artists?

The truth is any business or art can only flourish if there is a supply and demand chain that is linked to each other. You cannot create a demand if there is no supply and you cannot supply if there is no demand. The point is one need to figure out, what is it that comes first – Supply or Demand? Here is what I believe.

The human mind does not know what it wants till it sees something. And once it sees it and likes it, it wants more of it. But if the supply is unceremoniously stopped, at first it will demand for more but if there still cannot be a supply; it will move on.

When we launched Artist Aloud that is what we wanted to do – create a demand. Not just for music at large but even for an artist. Recently, we launched an artist called Deane Sequeira and it was really fulfilling when this teenager’s father sent me a mail saying, “Thanks for your support in having Deane well promoted through various channels. Her Seagram’s Music Day You Tube video has great reviews and higher views than most of the other 50 artists and her song has been well accepted globally too. Many radio channels and music directors have shown their willingness to work and collaborate with Deane being the youngest female RnB-Rapper. She is now labeled as India’s Rap Princess and the Mini Nicki Minaj of India.”  That for us is a feather on our cap.

So it truly brings me back to ask here again – Do the indie artists need us or do we need them?

                                                                                Written by: Soumini Paul

AVP & Product Head


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