Happy World Music Day

On World Music day –  ArtistAloud.com says `THANK YOU’

The world over is celebrating today and for ArtistAloud.com, this is the most important festival of the year…it’s the WORLD MUSIC DAY!!

Music is so special, it has so many different meanings and purposes but have you ever thought what it means to an artist? Today is a day just right to find out … so here it is for you; Independent artists of the ArtistAloud community tell us what Music and this special day means to them:

  1. Shibani Kashyap – Kudos to ArtistAloud for always promoting and keeping independent music alive!!On world music day let us celebrate the biggest blessing and gift of god – Music!! Let us all spread the message of anti piracy and let’s all make an effort to strengthen the music fraternity by supporting fellow musicians!! Let us hereby stand together to spread the message of important issues through music!!Once again cheers to artist aloud for having achieved so much in the world of music!!

  2. Daboo Malik –  Lonely Road, walking alone and I carry on with my Music in me, Music my life, my Freedom, my Destiny.

  3. Parikrama – What better feeling than to have a special day, dedicated to music. Parikrama has been playing world music day concerts for over a decade now, and they r always a celebration. Double the party anyway, as the band turned 21 on june 17th. All the best to everyone

  4. Vin Sinners – “The very fact that I am Indian, produced my album with a Pakistani, had an Emirati doing Hindustani alaaps and have a Syrian guitarist among others on the band line up just goes to show that music is a language that the whole world understands. To us, World Music Day represents Musical Convergence, where you don’t get stuck with yourself but open your mind wide enough that the world can hear you…”

  5. Zedde – Music for me is that miracle drug that cures everything. It is that once thing that makes life worth living – 2Blue (Zedde, Lead Singer)

  6. Shefali Alvares – Music is the Speech of Angels! Were all angels Singing,Playing,Laughing,And Dancing. There is so much sound in Silence! Silence is beautiful Music!

  7. Modern Mafia – Music to us is like a midget on a tricycle with an eye patch, riding through fields of cotton candy to save a drowning elephant….Seems impossible when you start to compose but its one hell of a fun ride getting there!

  8. Jasleen Royal – Music is an anecdote

  9. DeanneSequeira – Music is my mind’s best friend

  10. Eka – Music Unleashes Supreme Infinite Connections…

  11. Abiogenesis – Music brings forth untold stories and dreams!

  12. Sanket Naik – A good balance of soul and technique can only make good music!!

  13. Suchitra Pillai – music to me is magic, … a way to touch someone s heart and soul even though you may be far away, music is what god gave us so that we sometimes need not speak…only listen .. and still get the message loud and clear.. lyrics are also one way to know how someone somewhere in the world  has gone through exactly what you have been through… makes tough times much easier 🙂 thank you for the music artistaloud.com…. thank you for the magic!

  14. Baba Honey – Music is Everything and Everything is Music. Punjabi Music being famous Worldwide just proves that Music holds no boundary

  15. Jaswinder singh – Music is the Moonlight in the gloomy night of Life… He who sings prays Twice!…

  16. Babu Chowdhary – ‘Music – the essence of life

  17. Mukul Deora – Love is the voice of music

  18. Sanjay Maroo – At a time when the world is in distress, the ethereal vibration of music is a resource which can keep the angry sane and the depressed smiling. Losing yourself in a tune is akin to the highest meditation. The world needs music more than it ever did , so celebrate the occasion of world music day

  19. Manasi Scott – Music saves. We are the blessed ones, the chosen few who have music playing in our bloodstream. In my heart though, I am an 80’s child. If I had my way I would live between 2 chords of an 80’s song forever!!

  20. Mick Clarke – ‘Keep Rockin’ … on ArtistAloud.com

  21. Joel Mukherjee – Music expresses that which can’t be said and on which it’s impossible to be silent…..Happy World Music day.


Today, ArtistAloud.com is celebrating the independent spirit of music and says ‘Thank You’ to all its artists and musicians around the world who through their music, entertain us and give us all a reason to say ‘Life is Beautiful’

Celebrate World Music day on ArtistAloud.com – The Sound of Independence



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