‘DIGITAL’ The best form of Independent Music

Is everything in life today digital or is life itself `digital’? Let us think about it…

Doesn’t everything we do revolve around switching, pressing and clicking buttons? So how many times in a day do we use a button?  Stop the alarm clock beep, Ring the door bell, set the time on the microwave, unlock the car, fm radio, sms and phone calls, Bluetooth transfers, instant messaging, mp3 players, surfing the net, television remotes, switching off the light and back to setting the alarm on the clock…this is the common routine of our everyday .Yes, a million clicks a day but it would be right to say that we actually cannot do without them. It is this simple click of a button that makes our life in today’s world seamless….


Access to Independent music is so seamless today…. Around the globe, tape players, cd players, boom boxes have been replaced with a single click of a button……`download’ is way to consume music today. Television, Cinema, Gaming, Internet and Mobile all are a part but Independent Music is the most dominant form of digital entertainment. The reason is simple….. Compared to other media, Independent music is the most easily accessible, easiest to download and is extremely cheap. Millions of songs are downloaded everyday in mp3, wma, aiff, wav and other formats from hundreds of online digital stores such as i-tunes, cdbaby, napster, zune and many more.


Digital entertainment is powered by digital music and digital music is powered by Independent Artists. ArtistAloud.com supports and encourages paid digital music downloads. To get your hands on the best in independent music, download now on ArtistAloud.com – The sound of Independence.



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