So how does a rock band which rarely records in the studio, and which is yet to release a full length album ,become iconic? Well, sure it can if their first song xerox was named ‘the face of Indian rock’, if their discography reads songs like   ‘But It Rained’,  ‘Rhythm And Blues’, ‘Am I dreaming’, if the band has performed alongside Iron Maiden, and has superstar fans like Saif Ali khan, if the band has played at music festivals such as the Download festival.  A rock band becomes iconic if it manages to connect with the millions of people; the band becomes iconic if it is PARIKRAMA

And the man, the driving force behind the iconic band…..

Born: Delhi, 02. VII. 1970
Height: A Tall Individual
Weight: 2000
Waist: one foot

Subir Malik …..The founder member, the guy behind the keyboards and synths, a bassist and the band’s manager. He has been instrumental not just in making Parikrama iconic, but is also an inspiration to so many bands today. A musical journey that started in his early musical years, playing keyboards for many bands has today made him the face of rock music in India.

Recently Parikrama have joined one of the pioneers in Digital Distribution giants Hungama in their Independent Music venture ArtistAloud.com .According to Subir Malik “The reason for this website becoming a path-breaking one is that it’s the most organized effort I’ve seen so far. Finally, there’s a site that has nothing to do with Bollywood, and a lot of time and money has gone into marketing it. The music industry is almost over in India; there is no music on music channels either. At least there’s someone trying to promote non-commercial music.”

ArtistAloud is proud to have Parikrama in its home and wishes Subir Malik, the icon a very happy birthday!

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