WHAT A WEEK…..We’re having TRIPLETS !!

If you, like us, treat Music entertainment like your baby, then you need to congratulate us coz we’re now proud parents of our 3 new babies!! ArtistAloud.com is bringing to you music entertainment like never before in the form of 3 new super awesome shows…our 3 new babies!! And what a week we have in store for you….with these babies who are here to TALK, STOCK and ROCK!!

Our first baby – NEW THIS WEEK– this one likes to talk….so we have a talk show series that will showcase independent music artists, their story, their journey, their music and their latest releases via host interaction and live unplugged performances. We like you are hardcore indie music buffs and are super excited about this 1st new baby of ours!! From now on, make sure you grab your front row seat every Monday at 4pm for NEW THIS WEEK. Watch `Music Scientist Lesle Lewis’ bring his new album Tanha sa hoon in the first episode on Aug 6th 4pm

Our second baby – ROCK STOCK – cheers, beers, shouts, volume, adrenaline and sleep….this one has a huge stock of all of these and is addicted to watching Hard Rock live on stage!! So we have `RockStock. A series  of 5 head banging live rock concerts that we did at Hard Rock café across the country. Starting 8th August, every Wednesday 4pm, watch RockStock featuring 10 rocking artists like Indus Creed , Parikrama, Soulmate, Taaq, Manasi Scott and more…..and like our baby, make sure you have all the stocks !

Our third baby – TGIRF 2 – we gave you guys season 1 with 14 episodes featuring some mind blowing rock bands, but now season 2 is here …with a bang, only this time it’s bigger and better. This new Rock baby is a complete rockaholic. Born on a Friday, this baby weighs 20 episodes and 40 artists heavy. TGIRF 2 the series has 20 amazing rockumentaries featuring 40 rocking bands from all over the country. Watch the TGIRF 2 rockumentaries every Friday at 4pm !! You just can’t take your eyes off this big rockaholic, what can we say……just THANK GOD ITS ROCK ON FRIDAY!!



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