Just the Beginning

To tame unruly thoughts or to channelize the volcanic energy that you feel inside, pick up a pencil and start sketching…. Splash the canvas and let the colors seep through …. click away to frame a picture. The options are endless. Your creativity acts as a pressure valve, to release the steam of emotions or lack thereof. Articulate your self one way or another; that is your therapeutic expression Or best way out Hum a song or hit a full throated note. Lose control and let the words flow onto a sheet of paper or the screen of your monitor….

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought”

Ever wondered what must be the thoughts running in the minds of our musicians, what their music stands for, their inspirations, their aspirations, well you dont need to think that hard!!!! Hear it straight from the horses mouth, or in this case hear it straight through our musicians music 😉 ArtistAloud brings to you one step closer to your favorite artist, to your favorite music. Do you ask how????

Well lets see for starters we have a one of a kind chat show in the history of the independent music space where you get to know your artists better, enjoy some of their Live, Unplugged music – Thats the New This week series.
That’s not all to make sure that you didnt miss live gigs of your favorite rock artists like Parikrama, Soulmate, TAAQ, Manasi Scott and Indus Creed we showcased the series of RockStock where you could see all their gigs as it happened.
Then offcourse is the Season 2 of Thank God Its Rock on Friday!!!!! TGIRF 2 is here covering artists from regions from North, SOuth, East, West making sure that we bring the best of Rockumentary series to you.
Ever felt like having a one on one conversation with our artists, well that’s our Artist Speak series that gives you a sense of having a candid conversation with them.

Wow that’s definitely a lot that you can gain throughout the week on ArtistAloud.com and trust me when I say this is just the beginning ……

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