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SOULMATE performs and just like that walks in `SANTANA’!!

Carlos Santana is currently on tour in India. The guitar God just had two `godly’ concerts in Bangalore and New Delhi recently .His Concert in Delhi was very special for two things…

One, the opening act was SOULMATE, arguably one of India’s best bands with Rudy Wallang and Tipriti making the crowds go mad! And Secondly….. CARLOS SANTANA walks in and joins Rudy Wallang and Tipriti on stage in the middle of their performance!!

We can surely imagine what an overwhelming and a beautiful moment it must have been for Rudy and Tipriti. As Rudy wallang, the driving force of Soulmate says “We were in the middle of a song called Lie, which is a slow blues song,”,. “I glanced to my right and saw him (Santana) in his ‘guitar/amp room’ by the side of the stage, with his guitar tech, and he had a guitar strapped on.” Then he gesticulated to me, as if to say ‘can I join you?’ I was stunned for a second or two then I waved him in! Carlos walked in. Tips was still engrossed in the song, eyes closed and singing. I went: ‘TIPS! TIPS! CARLOS IS HERE!’ with tears in my eyes!”

This spectacular moment, which any artist/musician would cherish all life long, reminds us of the famous line from Forrest Gump – `life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get’

Watch Soulmate on stage here –—Episode/1557835


Photographs: Courtesy Soulmate

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Okay, before I play this song on my i-pod, I gotta tell you…..

I haven’t even heard the album yet, in fact have just bought it but honestly, it’s after a long time that I am feeling really good buying a music album!! The Colonial Cousins are back with a new album, titled ` `Colonial Cousins Once More’   and I am super excited …..Super excited because I know for sure that the era of Independent music, better known as `pop music ‘is slowly coming back and coming back for good in India!

Drama and reality content on Television is today a `lame’ done and dusted format for the audience and is becoming a bore for the channel itself!! Not just on Music channels, but music for TV content is being experimented across TV, and Independent artists are the focus. Here’s an example where Popular Indie-folk artiste Raghu Dixit in his interview for talks about innovative music content on TV, TGIRF in particular –

“Finally after seven to eight years television is back into the independent scene, the scene which cannot be ignored any more as it has grown and evolved into the humungous stage and in coming years it will be a force to reckon within the music industry. Each show has carved out their own niche, while TV series  like Dewarist, Coke Studio and Unplugged highlighted artistes talent by mainly focusing on the unique collaboration and one-of-its kind compositions, Thank God Its Rock on Friday (TGIRF) has taken quiet an off the road approach by actually introducing the artistes to its viewers. The concept of music theme show TGIRF which is quiet popular in west is a first of its kind initiative in India. The show gives audiences an opportunity to take a look at the journeys of their favorite artists and will reintroduce the genre of indie rock to the urban youth. “TGIRF is quiet important for independent artistes like me. It’s a Rockumentary about the artistes focusing entirely on independent music not just song but into the life of artiste, talking about their journey, personal life and how they have achieved the success, their efforts behind the success. It is an encyclopedia not only about the show but also behind the scenes fun facts”.



This is for TV, but Independent music flavor is very evident even in today’s Bollywood music. Take A.R.RAHMAN’S   work in the upcoming movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan for example, sounds great but does it sound filmy? No, it sounds indie!!

Popular music culture is back baby!!  And on that note, it’s time to play `Colonial Cousins Once More’…


On this festive day, what music are you listening to?  It shouldn’t be tough to answer that because if we think, apart from bollywood, what sort of music does really sell in our country today? While we all wonder that music that has good lyrics, or good sound mixing, or good arrangement is the one that makes all the moolah, the actual fact is different!!

Its devotional and festival music that really strikes a chord with the mass Indian music sensibilities.  This genre of music may not have all the fancy elements of modern music but then again, it doesn’t need it too and perhaps that is the reason why it manages to strike the right chord within people across the globe, especially in India.

From a business point of view, even when producing a devotional album, the producer’s approach automatically becomes simpler. The sounds, rhythms, eq, mixing, all is kept basic without much of treatment. This is also the reason why producing this genre of music costs less. Marketing opportunities also increase, building the overall reach of the album.

Today it’s tough for artists to make money through online sales and downloads but even here its devotional content that has an upper hand. We’ve seen this happen on ArtistAloud too, with the album IBAADAT-E-ALLAH getting the highest number of downloads, online and on mobile caller tune services.

Click on the link to listen to music from this album—E—Allah/48207

Rabbi at Alive India In Concert

Rabbi at Alive India In Concert

There is so much spoken about the independent space today. There is music, there are shows, festivals, artists and then there is Alive India in Concert. It’s the brain child of an artist who also has years of advertising background. Yes, Supratik Ghosh from one of the most popular band, Aurko based in Bengaluru is the creator of this property that truly has become an event to talk about showcasing some of the biggest artists like Zubin Gard, Rabbi Shergill and coming soon on the 27th of Oct 2012 one can see the legendary, Remo. Artist Aloud is proud to associate with this property and all hats off to Supratik and his team for having the ability and the tenacity to bring some of the biggest brands and players on board.

ArtistAloud movie review – Delhi Safari

Ever Since Quirino Cristani made the world’s first animated feature film El Apóstol  back in 1917, animation in feature films has grown leaps and bounds. Today the animation film industry is almost like a parallel to the commercial film industry and has spread the world over. And the latest virus to have caught on the movie buff’s across the world is 3D

Having said that, In India, we haven’t seen this progress happen. Neither in animation nor in 3d animation in feature films. We’ve had animated movies but somehow they lack in the various aspects that involve in the making an animated movie. Visual effects, character design, character animation, voice acting, motion capturing, digital rendering, direction, sound design, music, screenplay, the overall production in the animated films that we see in our film industry doesn’t seem to match up to what the west has to offer !

But all this was until today……

DELHI SAFARI, the 3D animated Hindi feature film, releasing today, breaks all the barriers and comes out as a winner! Produced by krayon films and Directed by Nikhil Advani, DELHI SAFARI is a well produced, well executed 3D animated movie, which also suits the taste of the Indian Audience perfectly from start to finish.

The movie has taken 6 long years in the making and stars Akshaye Khanna, Govinda, Urmila Matondkar,Swini Khare, Boman Irani, Suneil Shetty, Deepak Dobriyal, Sanjay Mishra and Saurabh Shukla as the voices behind some super cool and lovable animal characters.

The story is set in the modern day Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai where animals are struggling to survive as a result of human real estate encroachment. The leader of the animals, SULTAN, played by Suneil Shetty dies while trying to save his brave cub YUVI and this incident sparks off what would be an awesome adventure, all the way to Delhi, from Mumbai

The movie sees animals taking a safari all the way to the capital city New Delhi in the hope of making their voices heard in the parliament. The movie reflects the need of the animal kingdom through Friendship, Love, Compassion, and Companionship­ .

Technically, the movie scores 10/10 with great character design, character animation, voice acting by the actors, sound design, music and the direction. The quality is on par with the what the west has to offer , and at the story level, it could even score a point or two extra !

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music score for the film is also upto the mark. The quality of compositions, the arrangements and the music production is as good as for any mainstream Hindi commercial feature film. The soundtrack is yet another feather in their cap of super hits. The album is a mix of Romantic, Folk, Pop and Rap and compliments the visuals perfectly.Songs of the album include the title track DELHI SAFARI, AAO RE PARDESI, MERI DUNIYA TERE DUM SE, AB DILLI DOOR NAHIN, JUNGLE MEIN MANGAL and DHADAK DHADAK.

ArtistAloud recently launched the music on the show NEW THIS WEEK which saw director Nikhil Advani and composers Shankar Ehsaan Loy create the same madness in the studio !!

At ArtistAloud, we purely as viewers, rate this animated feature film *****out of 5.  Go watch it now at a theatre near you !!

Indian Ocean Just Completed the US tour

Indian Ocean, the hugely popular fusion music band from Delhi was recently on US tour and if you are in the US right now, make sure to watch them live in your city ! This would be yet another tour of the United States Of America after their hugely successful tour

Indian Ocean can be colorfully called as the ‘Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms’. And what is this fusion all about? Well, the Band’s music integrates shlokas, environmentalism, folklore and revolution – fusion indeed !

Indian Ocean took root in 1990. Susmit Sen on the guitar and Asheem Charavarthy on the tabla made their presence felt on the music scene on the Indian sub-continent. Today, the Band features the fabulous four – Susmit, Asheem, Rahul and Amit.

Their 3rd album titled Kandisa gave Indian Ocean a cult status and sent ripples through the college circuit, with repeated invites from big cities and smaller towns all around the country. Indian Ocean then crossed the Indian shores to win fans internationally.

You have Asheem Chakravarthy on the tabla and with his powerful vocals, then there is Susmit Sen and Rahul Ram on the guitar and Amit Kilam on the drums.

Their music defies labeling and there is no generic formula, it’s an amalgamation happening in your mind and heart – there is rock, western pop, Indi-pop, classical, ghazal and qawwali, and a hundred different types of Indian folk music. The fabulous four work together as a band, but have individualized styles, each quite different from the other.

37 concerts across four continents in 2002; 2 tours of the United Kingdom, one each in Australia, Germany and Singapore in 2003; concerts in the gorgeous island of Reunion in 2004; 3 tours of the UK and a smashing concert at Trafalgar Square in the heart of London, in 2005; 3 tours of the US, 26 concerts across thirteen States in 2006. All this are a standing proof that Indian Ocean has established itself as India’s leading global band.

Indian Ocean truly rocks! Watch this performance at their ArtistAloud WEBCERT

Our artists nominated for MTV EMA Awards 2012

We are so excited. Three of our artists are nominees at the MTV EMA Awards 2012 that is to be held at Frankfurt on 11th Nov 2012. Indus Creed, Abolo Naga and the Band and Oliver Sean. Wow!!! Isn’t this amazing? We never expected to be bringing on world class artists. Just goes to show that India is not far behind when it comes to Independent Music. India is not only about Bollywood. It is also about good songs and style. 

Oliver Sean is not new to nominations. He was previously nominated at the Grammy’s as well. When it comes to Indus Creed, after having returned with Fireflies after so many years, it’s the most befitting reaction. Abolo Naga and the Band are one of the most popular bands from the North East which has become the biggest hub for Indian International music as well as regionally hit bands like Papon and Shillong Chamber Choir to name a few.Image


Gangnam Style

More than 400,000,000 views. How does a song become such a rage on the Internet? What is the formula for such madness? When we look at this video we cannot stop ourselves from imitating the moves that PSY so Ingeniously incorporated into his video. So did he know it would be such a success? What do you think? Kolaveri Di is said to be a manufactured success. Now that can’t be really true, can it? Otherwise Dhanush should be able to do it again. Viral as they say is what catches on but one can’t catch it. You can’t make a video expecting it to go viral. So then what? Leave a comment and let us know what you think

Have you got your ticket for the Roller Coaster ride??

Do you know the feeling when you are just about to hop on the roller coaster in an amusement park….you’ve been waiting in the queue and its now your turn !! And your excitement level just goes through the roof when you get to grab the front seat …

And 3…2…..1 zoooooom you go up and down, left and right and by the time you are in the middle of the ride, your excitement and adrenaline is skyrocketing !! This is exactly what we at ArtistAloud are feeling…

 It’s a high speed rollercoaster ride to say the least, the only difference between a real ride on a rollercoaster and ArtistAloud is that with us, your ride never ends! Just hop on and see what the ride has in store for you!!

It’s all happening, brand new independent music , new artists, interviews, rockumentaries, live concerts and great live events…..left right up or down, it’s a nonstop roller coaster ride on ArtistAloud !!

Did you happen to be at the `because I am a girl’ rock concert event that we had on the 10th in Mumbai? It was rocking!! Some of the best bands and artists from the country, Parikrama, Indian Ocean,Indus Creed, Papon and Sona Mohapatra just rocked the stage with some amazing performances. And what made the concert special was the cause behind it.  Call it a coincidence but it was also a very special day for one of the ArtistAloud team members, who was blessed with a daughter the same day!! It was double the celebration!!

We’re in the middle of the roller coaster ride that we started 3 yrs ago and we’re in the driving seat, excited to the maximum just like a little child!! You know what’s next in the roller coaster ride?? It’s our new signature series LAUNCHCAST – A live stage set for 12 weeks for each week 1 amazing independent artist will grace the stage to sing, perform, record and mix a brand new album…right there live on stage!!  The season premiere episode airs on 1st Nov at 4pm on



Its an `Exclusive’ day on

Monday 8th of Oct 2012, it’s an exclusive day on For the first time ever, witness an official music release on the digital domain, and of course what better place to do it than `NEW THIS WEEK’ on the ArtistAloud home page! Tune in at 4 pm today for the exclusive Music release of ` DELHI SAFARI’- an awesome 3d animated adventure feature film starring Govinda as Bajrangi, Akshaye Khanna as Alex, Boman Irani as Bagga,Urmila Matondkar as begum, Sunil Shetty as Sultan and Swini Khara as Yuvi. In the New This Week studio are Music animals Shankar-Ehsaan –Loy and director Nikhil Advani going mad and jungle ! You don’t wanna miss this New This week Special episode. Tune in at 4pm today for the exclusive Music Release of `DELHI SAFARI’…..

Check out the promo…..