ENTERTAINMENT…Lost and found!!




If we look at all the media platforms today, which one of them would you say is the freshest

and most innovative in terms of what they have to offer? Is it TV, which today has become an

exclusive medium for the saas and the bahu or the reality show clown judges to vent out their

frustrations ?Is it Radio, which has become a complete medium for `advertising’ where you get

to hear some occasional music in the `commercial breaks’ !! Let’s look at cinema….. Need not

think much…coz …well we all know the kind of filmmaking that exists in the Hindi film industry!

So what’s left….ah there’s mobile, oh yes this medium is filled with `innovation and freshness’

with most of the wap sites offering `imported kamariya’s, desi tadka’s as their content packs

and film music only as caller tune services . In two words…this is lame and cheesy! Ah , there’s

one more medium left….print, oh yes there’s entertainment here , but that’s only for the political

system of the country which is keeping itself entertained at the cost of the common man !!

With so many media platforms, we ideally shouldn’t be left un-entertained even for a second.

But now think…what did you do over the weekend? Watched saas bahu’s and reality clowns?

Tuned into an fm station to get your doze of the latest FMCG products? Went to the nearest

cinema to watch yet another damp squib? Or did you read through the political jokes in the


It’s not that freshness and innovation cannot be achieved, you should only want to! That’s where

your whole purpose of creating content for entertainment is defined. And that’s where we come

in …..

Digital Media is a huge platform today, with each and everyone uploading videos, downloading

music, tweeting, posting, chatting but somewhere down the line..It’s all becoming mundane

even in the digital domain! Today we need platforms within platforms that can make that

difference and ARTISTALOUD is making that difference !

From Music , to video entertainment and to even social media…. We are making the

difference ! Independent music, which the world loves and is downloading in millions is what

is powering ArtistAloud. Promoting music talent through audio /video entertainment digitally

is a fresh and innovative approach. Watch our signature series TGIRF, NEW THIS WEEK,

ROCKSTOCK,MUSIC DAY and the upcoming LAUNCHCAST and judge for yourself !

It’s no surprise that we are among the top 30 on social media in India with over 5.40 lakh fans

on facebook ! And we’ve only just begun, there’s much more coming from ArtistAloud…..

Stay with us




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