Have you got your ticket for the Roller Coaster ride??

Do you know the feeling when you are just about to hop on the roller coaster in an amusement park….you’ve been waiting in the queue and its now your turn !! And your excitement level just goes through the roof when you get to grab the front seat …

And 3…2…..1 zoooooom you go up and down, left and right and by the time you are in the middle of the ride, your excitement and adrenaline is skyrocketing !! This is exactly what we at ArtistAloud are feeling…

 It’s a high speed rollercoaster ride to say the least, the only difference between a real ride on a rollercoaster and ArtistAloud is that with us, your ride never ends! Just hop on and see what the ride has in store for you!!

It’s all happening, brand new independent music , new artists, interviews, rockumentaries, live concerts and great live events…..left right up or down, it’s a nonstop roller coaster ride on ArtistAloud !!

Did you happen to be at the `because I am a girl’ rock concert event that we had on the 10th in Mumbai? It was rocking!! Some of the best bands and artists from the country, Parikrama, Indian Ocean,Indus Creed, Papon and Sona Mohapatra just rocked the stage with some amazing performances. And what made the concert special was the cause behind it.  Call it a coincidence but it was also a very special day for one of the ArtistAloud team members, who was blessed with a daughter the same day!! It was double the celebration!!

We’re in the middle of the roller coaster ride that we started 3 yrs ago and we’re in the driving seat, excited to the maximum just like a little child!! You know what’s next in the roller coaster ride?? It’s our new signature series LAUNCHCAST – A live stage set for 12 weeks for each week 1 amazing independent artist will grace the stage to sing, perform, record and mix a brand new album…right there live on stage!!  The season premiere episode airs on 1st Nov at 4pm on ArtistAloud.com



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