Indian Ocean Just Completed the US tour

Indian Ocean, the hugely popular fusion music band from Delhi was recently on US tour and if you are in the US right now, make sure to watch them live in your city ! This would be yet another tour of the United States Of America after their hugely successful tour

Indian Ocean can be colorfully called as the ‘Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms’. And what is this fusion all about? Well, the Band’s music integrates shlokas, environmentalism, folklore and revolution – fusion indeed !

Indian Ocean took root in 1990. Susmit Sen on the guitar and Asheem Charavarthy on the tabla made their presence felt on the music scene on the Indian sub-continent. Today, the Band features the fabulous four – Susmit, Asheem, Rahul and Amit.

Their 3rd album titled Kandisa gave Indian Ocean a cult status and sent ripples through the college circuit, with repeated invites from big cities and smaller towns all around the country. Indian Ocean then crossed the Indian shores to win fans internationally.

You have Asheem Chakravarthy on the tabla and with his powerful vocals, then there is Susmit Sen and Rahul Ram on the guitar and Amit Kilam on the drums.

Their music defies labeling and there is no generic formula, it’s an amalgamation happening in your mind and heart – there is rock, western pop, Indi-pop, classical, ghazal and qawwali, and a hundred different types of Indian folk music. The fabulous four work together as a band, but have individualized styles, each quite different from the other.

37 concerts across four continents in 2002; 2 tours of the United Kingdom, one each in Australia, Germany and Singapore in 2003; concerts in the gorgeous island of Reunion in 2004; 3 tours of the UK and a smashing concert at Trafalgar Square in the heart of London, in 2005; 3 tours of the US, 26 concerts across thirteen States in 2006. All this are a standing proof that Indian Ocean has established itself as India’s leading global band.

Indian Ocean truly rocks! Watch this performance at their ArtistAloud WEBCERT

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