On this festive day, what music are you listening to?  It shouldn’t be tough to answer that because if we think, apart from bollywood, what sort of music does really sell in our country today? While we all wonder that music that has good lyrics, or good sound mixing, or good arrangement is the one that makes all the moolah, the actual fact is different!!

Its devotional and festival music that really strikes a chord with the mass Indian music sensibilities.  This genre of music may not have all the fancy elements of modern music but then again, it doesn’t need it too and perhaps that is the reason why it manages to strike the right chord within people across the globe, especially in India.

From a business point of view, even when producing a devotional album, the producer’s approach automatically becomes simpler. The sounds, rhythms, eq, mixing, all is kept basic without much of treatment. This is also the reason why producing this genre of music costs less. Marketing opportunities also increase, building the overall reach of the album.

Today it’s tough for artists to make money through online sales and downloads but even here its devotional content that has an upper hand. We’ve seen this happen on ArtistAloud too, with the album IBAADAT-E-ALLAH getting the highest number of downloads, online and on mobile caller tune services.

Click on the link to listen to music from this album http://artistaloud.com/artists/Ibadat—E—Allah/48207

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