Okay, before I play this song on my i-pod, I gotta tell you…..

I haven’t even heard the album yet, in fact have just bought it but honestly, it’s after a long time that I am feeling really good buying a music album!! The Colonial Cousins are back with a new album, titled ` `Colonial Cousins Once More’   and I am super excited …..Super excited because I know for sure that the era of Independent music, better known as `pop music ‘is slowly coming back and coming back for good in India!

Drama and reality content on Television is today a `lame’ done and dusted format for the audience and is becoming a bore for the channel itself!! Not just on Music channels, but music for TV content is being experimented across TV, and Independent artists are the focus. Here’s an example where Popular Indie-folk artiste Raghu Dixit in his interview for talks about innovative music content on TV, TGIRF in particular –

“Finally after seven to eight years television is back into the independent scene, the scene which cannot be ignored any more as it has grown and evolved into the humungous stage and in coming years it will be a force to reckon within the music industry. Each show has carved out their own niche, while TV series  like Dewarist, Coke Studio and Unplugged highlighted artistes talent by mainly focusing on the unique collaboration and one-of-its kind compositions, Thank God Its Rock on Friday (TGIRF) has taken quiet an off the road approach by actually introducing the artistes to its viewers. The concept of music theme show TGIRF which is quiet popular in west is a first of its kind initiative in India. The show gives audiences an opportunity to take a look at the journeys of their favorite artists and will reintroduce the genre of indie rock to the urban youth. “TGIRF is quiet important for independent artistes like me. It’s a Rockumentary about the artistes focusing entirely on independent music not just song but into the life of artiste, talking about their journey, personal life and how they have achieved the success, their efforts behind the success. It is an encyclopedia not only about the show but also behind the scenes fun facts”.



This is for TV, but Independent music flavor is very evident even in today’s Bollywood music. Take A.R.RAHMAN’S   work in the upcoming movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan for example, sounds great but does it sound filmy? No, it sounds indie!!

Popular music culture is back baby!!  And on that note, it’s time to play `Colonial Cousins Once More’…

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