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`SISTER ACT’ – The Album Review


The Diva Sisters present their album `Sister Act’ on ArtistAloud LaunchCast

They carry the same music gene, but are versatile in their styles and in their voices. Coming together for the first time are popular divas Shweta and Shraddha Pandit on the LaunchCast stage to record their new album titled `Sister Act’. Mixed with rich flavours that are Classical, Romantic, Retro and Pop, Sister Act the album reflects the musical influences, the legacy the sisters have grown up with and also  highlights their independent personalities and their versatility.

The Discography:

1.      Ghar Aaja

A classical composition based on Raag Baageshree and Taal Rupak, Shweta& Shraddha Pandit through this song pay a tribute to their growing years, to all the rich learning they have had from their Guru’s. Listen,buy or download the song here 

2.      Kaanch Ki Gudiya

The diva’s call this one the real `Sister Act’ of the album. Flamboyant, vivacious, seductive and full of attitude, this retro themed song will make you groove with its signature hook `Ta Da Di Dum’ .Listen,buy or download the song here

3.      Kehdo Naa

A beautiful romantic love ballad written, composed and sung by Shweta Pandit. Vocals full of the expression of love, backed with soothing piano accompaniment and acoustic guitar create just the romance you would want to experience. Listen,buy or download the song here 

4.      Ranjha Ranjha

There are no rules, no boundaries but no room for errors as well in this musically rich song, composed by Shraddha Pandit. The classical style is infused perfectly with folk elements .Ranjha displays the learning and the rich musical legacy of the Pandit sisters.Listen,buy or download the song here

5.      Sajna Ve (Maahi ve)

Get into the grooves of Traditional Tabla and Dholak in this song composed, written and sung by Shraddha Pandit. Based on Raag Jog, improvised Sufi vocal elements and new Age urban Indian arrangement in this song strike a chord with the old school as well as the young music listener. Listen,buy or download the song here


`Sister Act’ – The Album Credits:

Vocals: Shweta Pandit & Shradhha Pandit

Keyboards : kutti

Guitars: Bappi

Percussions: Naitik

Bass Guitar: Caje

`Sister Act’ , recorded live on Launchcast is available exclusive only on

Destiny is after all….Scripted

This past Saturday, just as I was reading through my morning best friend `The Times of India’, I came across this wonderful little article which made me question, think and come to this conclusion within a span of 5 min where I said to myself, that Destiny is after all scripted!

Being in India and surrounded by bollywood, I’ve heard stories like how BIG B was rejected by All India Radio for his voice, or how SRK was told by producers in his struggling days that his hair looked like a bear.  But being a musician, I want every music lover to read this wonderful little story about a `John lennon and his band called `The Beatles’ ….

John lennon, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr who formed what is arguably, the greatest band ever formed, The Beatles and who have to their credit 7 Grammy awards, 15 Ivor Novello awards, 6 Diamond Albums, 45 gold albums ,39 platinum albums, 24 multi-platinum albums, an Academy Award for best film score ,Appointment by Queen Elizabeth II as members of the Order Of The British Empire in 1965 and over a billion record sales……   were REJECTED by a record company ?? And now, the same audition tape is on auction at a pre-sale estimate of 30,000!!  Here’s the article from The Times of India below for you…



`Record company rejected Beatles tape in 1962 .


A former UK record company boss says he made one of the worst judgement calls in music history in 1962.The ex-Decca Records executive had rejected an audition tape by The Beatles, saying he thought guitar groups were on the way out. The fledgling group were also told they had no future in show business following the 1962 audition, during which they recorded a ten-track demo tape. Within months John, Paul, George and original drummer Pete Best had signed with EMI and went on to become the greatest band of all time.

Now the original safety master tape the group recorded at Decca’s London studios on New Year’s Day in 1962 has come to public light for the first time, reports The Daily Mail.It is thought the Beatles manager Brian Epstein held on to the tape he had paid to make, and later gave it to an executive associated with EMI. He sold it in 2002 to a prolific buyer of music memorabilia, who is now selling it at auction with a pre-sale estimate of 30,000.The recording has never been officially released and the sound quality on it is said to be pristine, according to the British tabloid.

The group were told they had no future in show business


Now, after reading the article, aren’t you thinking the same as I was? Isn’t destiny scripted ?


TGIRF 2, The Season Finale

Here’s how it all started…..

Hungry mortals like us seeked Rock, looking at us hungry mortals, The Gods came down on a FRIDAY, the 13th of July and they granted…..they granted us TGIRF SEASON 2 !!

Yes, we’re talking about the Gods of Rock, the 40 bands and artists that have made TGIRF 2 (Thank God It’s rock On Friday) an extremely rocking series!!  The series that started on the 13th of July comes to completion . the season finale episode featuring the band Rock Veda and the artist Nickk.

The extremely successful and popular season of TGIRF 1 was the beginning. The second season TGIRF 2 has gone a step ahead and has been about the variety in Rock music. The 40 talents that have been featured on the series come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, school of thought and musical influence. We travelled all over the country to bring you artists and bands that truly deserve the recognition. These are talents that literally represent the vibe of Independent Rock music in our country.

Classic styles of Rock, New age styles like Pop Rock and Punk Rock, Hindi Rock, regional Bengali Rock, Alternative Rock of the North East and even signature styles like Swatantra Rock and Demon Metal, TGIRF has not just captured the combined sounds of those double kicks, the fat snare drums, the distortion overdrives, the synth lines and the dynamic vocals but has presented to you the independent ignited spirits of these artists.

We are really humbled, honored and thankful to all the bands and artists who have given us TGIRF 2!! And of course just like every blockbuster is followed by its sequel and then a trilogy….we end the sequel  TGIRF 2 today leaving you with this last frame in mind where…..

`The Hungry mortals got what they wished for….but only now, they want MORE!!! And for this, the Gods will return….only on!!    

 Let the credits roll….


The Gods of Rock on TGIRF 2

Neha Bhasin & Something Relevant

Oliver Sean & Tough On Tobacco

Shibani Kashyap & Zedde

Elvis Rumion & Modern Mafia

Demonic resurrection & Bhayank Maut

Lesle Lewis & Airport

Cactus & Underground Authority

Alobo Naga and the Band & Lucid Recess

Lakkhichhara & krosswindz

Bhoomi & Debojit

Manasi Scott & Nirmika and A few good Men

Luke Kenny & Sky Rabbit

Aurko & Lagori

Galeej Gurus & Vinapra

Punkh & Khoj

FaridKot & Half Step Down

Bandish & Hundred Octane

The Circus & Jjhoom

Eka & Tantra

Rock Veda & Nickk



The second edition of INDIA MUSIC WEEK kicks off today and it once again promises to bring alive the spirit of pure music ,just like it’s creator RSJ ( Rock Street Journal ), which since 1993 has been a pioneer in providing various platforms to the Independent Music culture in the country. The week long festival is scheduled for 21 -25th of Nov .Starting today, India Music Week will some amazing local as well as international music talent playing simultaneously in venues across Gurgaon, Bangalore New Delhi and Mumbai .

Pure Music or Music with technology, Improvised New Age genres  or be it Classic styles, there’s going to be something for every kind of Music lover at the INDIA MUSIC WEEK with bands playing jazz ,hip electronica,  intelligent pop, psychedelic rock, reggae, dance hall , synth-friendly dance-pop, drum & bass and even the good ol’ blues and folk.

The artists list on this 5 day festival is pretty long but to highlight some, you have kick-ass local talents  like Avial, Bandish Projekt, Faridkot, Parikrama, Hipnotribe, Galeej Gurus, Bombay Bassment, Midival Punditz, Junkyard Groove, Skizzophonic, Soulmate, Swarathma ,Taaq , Themclones and more…..

 INDIA MUSIC WEEK, which is being supported by the Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs, also boasts of a long list of some really awesome international talents from Norway, France, Germany, UK, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

If you are in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Gurgaon, then you are just super lucky….at the right place, at the right time of the year!! Visit us on  or you can also check the events section on our homepage to keep yourself updated on the festival schedule. Make sure you head to the most happening venues in your city to experience the pure spirit of music at the second edition of the INDIA MUSIC WEEK from the 21st – 25th of NOVEMBER, 2012.

Tickets to INDIA MUSIC WEEK can be purchased at



The `Pop Qawwal’ is back !!


Altaf Raja, famous for his 1996 debut album `Tum to Thehre Pardesi’ which became an instant hit with the audience,  is back with a brand new album titled `ASHKON KI BARAAT’ . The new album is a romantic collage of shayari’s and songs.

In his interview for, the artist says ` Yes, I am making a comeback in the music industry with my album ‘Ashkon Ki Baraat’ presented by Venus Worldwide Entertainment. I give them hearty thanks for their gesture as they were also the presenters of my first album ‘Tum toh Thehre Pardesi’. My latest album is a bouquet of romantic songs visualizing the sweet pain of love and will surely reach the hearts of the audiences.”

Altaf Raja had become popular for his unique `pop qawaali ` style of singing . The singer was behind the scenes till now as a result of the sudden influx of new voices, change in the trend of music within the industry and the collapse of popular music in the country. ASHKON KI BARAAT, his new album has just been released through Venus worldwide entertainment.

Another independent artist is back with what he  does best and it’s great to know that !! Here’s hoping Altaf Raja and his new album creates history just like `Tum To Thehre Pardesi did’ back in 1996.

Title Photo courtesy :  www.


Butt of all jokes, now a You Tube sensation and a star in the making!!

ImageMeet ShaktiShree Gopalan, maestro AR Rahman’s latest find, who has already become a star on YouTube, ever since people watched her sing NenjuKulle on Mtv Unplugged. She is also the voice behind the title song of the movie `Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ . Shaktishree, who now lives in Chennai was born and brought up in kerela , where during her schooling days, she learnt carnatic music for 13 yrs. Speaking on her background, she says“ In school I was the butt of all Tamil jokes and in college I was the butt of all Mallu jokes.”  

Today Shaktishree is an architect by profession but  a passionate Independent musician at heart. She’s a part of bands `off the record’ and the popular `pyjama conspiracy’. So how did she end up singing for the maestro AR Rahman ? Sounds unreal but true, the maestro discovered her voice as she was singing one of her compositions to a coffee machine in a recording studio in Chennai!! After having sung as a backing vocalist for AR Rahman, the maestro asked her if she would playback for him and to her surprise , what she dubbed as a scratch is today the title song of the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan !!  

 ShaktiShree Gopalan is one artist to watch out for! Read more about her interesting journey here in her interview with Shilpa Nair Anand for The Hindu –

Title Image courtesy – The Hindu


LaunchCast Episode 2

Today we are bringing the second episode from our brand new series, LAUNCHCAST. The stage is once again set today for a dynamic, flamboyant live experience. Two powerhouse talents, both from the same family, Joe & Shefali Alvares, today on launchcast will perform six songs from their brand new album titled `MIRAGE’. The album is a dynamic mix of the jazz and lounge school of thought that the experienced veteran Joe Alvares brings in added with the powering yet controlled style of Shefali Alvares.

The six songs from the album `Mirage’that the father-daughter duo will perform on LaunchCast are Ancient Lives,Color of my soul,Mirage,Waiting,Lost without you and Prisoners. Joining the vocalists are band members Jarvis Menezes on Keyboards,Darshan doshi on drums, Niranjan Dhar on Guitar, Rushad Mistry on Bass and Saabir khan on Saarangi

Tune in today, 15th Nov, 4pm for Launchcast Episode 2. Joe & Shefali Alvares present their brand new album `Mirage’. Listen and download the music from the album here – 

LaunchCast is an ArtistAloud exclusive. Watch it only on






Boom Boom Boom !!

Boom Boom Boom !!

BOOM ….It’s Diwali week and it’s special!! Such color and sparkle, it makes us all get together and celebrate!! Kids rushing to the nearest `patakhe ki dukaan’ to buy their fire cracking guns, girls getting dressed up traditionally and looking beautiful, and the dudes, well they are busy looking at all the traditional `patakha’s in their neighborhood !! For friends, it’s an excuse for one big party and the elders, they are like the protectors, overseeing everything and blessing us all!! The festival of lights is known for the BIG BANG and for that, we’ve got tons of TNT for you on ArtistAloud. All the Patakas and the Dhamaka’s are stocked up on our site for one big celebration!!

This week we’ve got some kickass artists, music, contests and compilations. Begin your week on a serene, pure note with the soulfully Sufi Kavita Seth in our New this week lounge. Moving on, making your mid week flamboyant and dynamic are the rocking father-daughter duo of Joe and Shefali Alvares on Launchcast as they record their new album `Mirage’ live on the launchcast stage, this Thursday. And going into the weekend, its TGIRF baby – `Thank God it’s Rock on Friday’ with bands ‘Eka & Tantra.

Gift your family and friends with some great music that’s lined up for you!! Shilpa Rao, Raghav Sachar, Joe& Shefali Alvares with their brand new albums and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a special 50 song fire cracking compilation featuring 50 different artists for you to choose from.

If you’re a part of ArtistAloud on facebook, then you’re in store for some super cool give aways and prizes. Participate in the weekly contests and win ArtistAloud t-shirts and two special FENDER guitars, autographed by all 12 Launchcast artists !! 

It’s the Big Bang week……Make some noise with ArtistAloud – the biggest firecracker this Diwali !! ArtistAloud wishes all a very happy Diwali


Genuine effort always pays off !!

ArtistAloud is really excited, extremely happy and is proud to be associated with the team of DELHI SAFARI, the recently released 3d animated movie, which has just entered the nominations race to the Oscar in the best animated film category. It has come as a surprise but having been associated with the team behind it, what we would say is that Krayon pictures have produced not merely just a movie, but have raised the bar in terms of the one line concept and the entire production value .DELHI SAFARI is a benchmark for animation films in India , one that will change the way animation films are conceptualized and produced.

The music of the Delhi Safari is again an example of the genuine effort and the great production value. The soundtrack has been treated just like any mainstream commercial bollywood movie. The composers Shankar –Ehsaan –Loy create an overall sound that is fun, adventurous, peppy and musically rich, one that compliments the visuals and helps take the story forward. And that is why we carried the exclusively music release of DELHI SAFARI on NEW THIS WEEK. It was a wild junglee encounter with the team of Delhi Safari on New this week, on the 8th of Oct. The director of the film Nikhil Advani, along with Music composers Shankar –Ehsaan – Loy officially launched the music on New This week

We are hoping for the best, for Delhi Safari to go all the way through to the Oscars and win, simply for the fact that it is really important for good genuine effort to be recognized and showcased! 


The Transformers who matter

It’s not the next; digital is undoubtedly the most preferred platform as we speak! It’s taken no time for people to adapt to this medium and if you are in Mumbai today and tomorrow, head to the ITC GRAND hotel in Lower Parel, you would witness a scene straight out of a Hollywood sci fi movie, where `Digital transformation will complete in the next 48 hrs’!!

We’re talking about the 4th edition of the Nokia Music connects conference that is being held today and tomorrow in Mumbai. Record labels, digital platforms, the live music industry, device manufacturers,

It showcases everything that is important and is playing a role in making the digital transformation possible within the music industry. The two days of conference will see prominent industry leaders speak on `DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION’ encompassing existing platforms, technologies, strengths, limitations, expectations and the future of music within the digital realm.

And yes, ArtistAloud is definitely a part of this conference which is about the past, present and the future of digital music. On the speakers’ panel, representing is AVP Soumini Sridhara Paul , who would be discussing ` the emerging online streaming services’ . With digital distribution and streaming made available today through prominent Indian platforms , will the international players like i-tunes and spotify cross the shores and make their way into India. What does the digital future hold ? It’s going to be a very interesting session with  other prominent participants,,, Flyte and .

The 4th Edition of Nokia Music Matters is being held on the 6-7th of November 2012 at the ITC Grand hotel, Mumbai. To know more visit –