How does an idea, a concept that’s in your head, come to life? What goes into bringing an idea to life? Well in our case, it started with a big white board, a few hundred markers, 1000 cups of coffee, a million times scrubbing the white board with the duster, a million phone calls, a gazillion e-mails, trillion excel sheets causing sleepless nights, sleepless days, the endless hours on the set, on the shoot, on the edit and today we are going to show you the result of all this put together …..It’s called LAUNCHCAST!!

What just started off as a vague idea has come to life and we’re extremely proud of what we are presenting to you. Out of the White board and on to your digital screens today, LAUNCHCAST is not just another show, it’s neither just a stage. It is a `FIRST’, an attempt to achieve something unique, innovative and different. 

Launchcast, starting today at 4pm is a series which captures the true essence and the process of music creation from scratch to finish, live on stage! The series showcases some of the best Independent Musicians as they bring to you their brand new music!

The season premiere episode today features the magnificent SHILPA RAO as she creates and officially releases her 1st solo album titled `THE BEST OF NATURALLY US’. As maniacs of indie music, all we would say is DO NOT MISS THIS BUDDY!! 

We really don’t mind the 1000 cups of coffee, or the million phone calls, the gazillion emails or the sleepless nights ….. Because we believe in our idea and know for sure that the honest effort and the dedication put behind our new baby LAUNCHCAST is worth all and any of it!

You don’t even have to ring the door bell, just walk into our home at 4pm today and watch with us……LAUNCHCAST!!  



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