An Independent Musician on a Maestro’s stage

Last night it was pure magic as the Maestro AR Rahman took stage in Bhopal on the occasion of Madhya Pradesh Foundation day. Just like all of his live concerts, there was something indeed very special about the concert last night. The 6th generation new age sitar maestro and independent musician ASAD KHAN, who hails from the Mewati Gharana, played on stage alongside the maestro himself. 

When asked, Asad Khan whose forefathers were court musicians of the then rulers Holkars said “Playing on the foundation day is fantastic feeling. We belong to the Mewati Gharana of singing.Every artiste who plays with Rahman knows their bar, but it is only with AR Rahman who lets us explore and even do solo. He even lets us play his music according to our liking,”

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Asad Khan has played the Sitar between Indian and a variety of global genres including Jazz, Flamenco, Western classical, Electronic, Rock, Lounge fusion, Sufi and Folk. You might not have noticed but you have heard him Play the sitar in recent AR Rahman’s film scores Jodhaa Akbar, Raavan, Jhootha Hi Sahi and the famous `latika’s theme from Slumdog Millionaire 

It’s really great to see New age Independent musicians and instrumentalists perform with the masters.  know more about Asad Khan here –



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