The Transformers who matter

It’s not the next; digital is undoubtedly the most preferred platform as we speak! It’s taken no time for people to adapt to this medium and if you are in Mumbai today and tomorrow, head to the ITC GRAND hotel in Lower Parel, you would witness a scene straight out of a Hollywood sci fi movie, where `Digital transformation will complete in the next 48 hrs’!!

We’re talking about the 4th edition of the Nokia Music connects conference that is being held today and tomorrow in Mumbai. Record labels, digital platforms, the live music industry, device manufacturers,

It showcases everything that is important and is playing a role in making the digital transformation possible within the music industry. The two days of conference will see prominent industry leaders speak on `DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION’ encompassing existing platforms, technologies, strengths, limitations, expectations and the future of music within the digital realm.

And yes, ArtistAloud is definitely a part of this conference which is about the past, present and the future of digital music. On the speakers’ panel, representing is AVP Soumini Sridhara Paul , who would be discussing ` the emerging online streaming services’ . With digital distribution and streaming made available today through prominent Indian platforms , will the international players like i-tunes and spotify cross the shores and make their way into India. What does the digital future hold ? It’s going to be a very interesting session with  other prominent participants,,, Flyte and .

The 4th Edition of Nokia Music Matters is being held on the 6-7th of November 2012 at the ITC Grand hotel, Mumbai. To know more visit –

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