Genuine effort always pays off !!

ArtistAloud is really excited, extremely happy and is proud to be associated with the team of DELHI SAFARI, the recently released 3d animated movie, which has just entered the nominations race to the Oscar in the best animated film category. It has come as a surprise but having been associated with the team behind it, what we would say is that Krayon pictures have produced not merely just a movie, but have raised the bar in terms of the one line concept and the entire production value .DELHI SAFARI is a benchmark for animation films in India , one that will change the way animation films are conceptualized and produced.

The music of the Delhi Safari is again an example of the genuine effort and the great production value. The soundtrack has been treated just like any mainstream commercial bollywood movie. The composers Shankar –Ehsaan –Loy create an overall sound that is fun, adventurous, peppy and musically rich, one that compliments the visuals and helps take the story forward. And that is why we carried the exclusively music release of DELHI SAFARI on NEW THIS WEEK. It was a wild junglee encounter with the team of Delhi Safari on New this week, on the 8th of Oct. The director of the film Nikhil Advani, along with Music composers Shankar –Ehsaan – Loy officially launched the music on New This week

We are hoping for the best, for Delhi Safari to go all the way through to the Oscars and win, simply for the fact that it is really important for good genuine effort to be recognized and showcased! 


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