Boom Boom Boom !!

Boom Boom Boom !!

BOOM ….It’s Diwali week and it’s special!! Such color and sparkle, it makes us all get together and celebrate!! Kids rushing to the nearest `patakhe ki dukaan’ to buy their fire cracking guns, girls getting dressed up traditionally and looking beautiful, and the dudes, well they are busy looking at all the traditional `patakha’s in their neighborhood !! For friends, it’s an excuse for one big party and the elders, they are like the protectors, overseeing everything and blessing us all!! The festival of lights is known for the BIG BANG and for that, we’ve got tons of TNT for you on ArtistAloud. All the Patakas and the Dhamaka’s are stocked up on our site for one big celebration!!

This week we’ve got some kickass artists, music, contests and compilations. Begin your week on a serene, pure note with the soulfully Sufi Kavita Seth in our New this week lounge. Moving on, making your mid week flamboyant and dynamic are the rocking father-daughter duo of Joe and Shefali Alvares on Launchcast as they record their new album `Mirage’ live on the launchcast stage, this Thursday. And going into the weekend, its TGIRF baby – `Thank God it’s Rock on Friday’ with bands ‘Eka & Tantra.

Gift your family and friends with some great music that’s lined up for you!! Shilpa Rao, Raghav Sachar, Joe& Shefali Alvares with their brand new albums and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a special 50 song fire cracking compilation featuring 50 different artists for you to choose from.

If you’re a part of ArtistAloud on facebook, then you’re in store for some super cool give aways and prizes. Participate in the weekly contests and win ArtistAloud t-shirts and two special FENDER guitars, autographed by all 12 Launchcast artists !! 

It’s the Big Bang week……Make some noise with ArtistAloud – the biggest firecracker this Diwali !! ArtistAloud wishes all a very happy Diwali


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