TGIRF 2, The Season Finale

Here’s how it all started…..

Hungry mortals like us seeked Rock, looking at us hungry mortals, The Gods came down on a FRIDAY, the 13th of July and they granted…..they granted us TGIRF SEASON 2 !!

Yes, we’re talking about the Gods of Rock, the 40 bands and artists that have made TGIRF 2 (Thank God It’s rock On Friday) an extremely rocking series!!  The series that started on the 13th of July comes to completion . the season finale episode featuring the band Rock Veda and the artist Nickk.

The extremely successful and popular season of TGIRF 1 was the beginning. The second season TGIRF 2 has gone a step ahead and has been about the variety in Rock music. The 40 talents that have been featured on the series come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, school of thought and musical influence. We travelled all over the country to bring you artists and bands that truly deserve the recognition. These are talents that literally represent the vibe of Independent Rock music in our country.

Classic styles of Rock, New age styles like Pop Rock and Punk Rock, Hindi Rock, regional Bengali Rock, Alternative Rock of the North East and even signature styles like Swatantra Rock and Demon Metal, TGIRF has not just captured the combined sounds of those double kicks, the fat snare drums, the distortion overdrives, the synth lines and the dynamic vocals but has presented to you the independent ignited spirits of these artists.

We are really humbled, honored and thankful to all the bands and artists who have given us TGIRF 2!! And of course just like every blockbuster is followed by its sequel and then a trilogy….we end the sequel  TGIRF 2 today leaving you with this last frame in mind where…..

`The Hungry mortals got what they wished for….but only now, they want MORE!!! And for this, the Gods will return….only on!!    

 Let the credits roll….


The Gods of Rock on TGIRF 2

Neha Bhasin & Something Relevant

Oliver Sean & Tough On Tobacco

Shibani Kashyap & Zedde

Elvis Rumion & Modern Mafia

Demonic resurrection & Bhayank Maut

Lesle Lewis & Airport

Cactus & Underground Authority

Alobo Naga and the Band & Lucid Recess

Lakkhichhara & krosswindz

Bhoomi & Debojit

Manasi Scott & Nirmika and A few good Men

Luke Kenny & Sky Rabbit

Aurko & Lagori

Galeej Gurus & Vinapra

Punkh & Khoj

FaridKot & Half Step Down

Bandish & Hundred Octane

The Circus & Jjhoom

Eka & Tantra

Rock Veda & Nickk

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