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Launchcast welcomes Singer, Performer, Composer, Rapper and Music producer, URL aka EARL EDGAR. A versatile artist who calls himself an `everyday Mumbaikar, he has sung and performed music in various genres, styles and languages.

Known for his ability to modulate voice to create unique vocal effects, accents and timbres, Earl Edgar is a popular name in Bollywood, Tollywood and even Hollywood!! On Launchcast, URL aka Earl Edgar records his new album titled `COALESCE’

The album COALESCE which means `to mix up, mixture, blend’ is an extremely diverse mix of genres, cross-cultures, styles and global arrangements that presents Earl Edgar as an urban world musician. He uses sounds, rhythms and vocals that reflect his extremely colorful personality.

COALESCE – The Discography

1.       Reggae Chori
Lyrics by Rachael, Earl Edgar [URL]

Its Dubstep meets Reggae meets Indi Pop!! Dub step rhythm, bassline and synthline, Vocals styled in Reggae and lyrics that are in true Indi pop style give this song an extremely unique and stylish vibe! A great upbeat start to the album

2.       A Day
Lyrics by Rachael, Earl Edgar [URL]

A very fresh, morning song that speaks of hope and a bright tomorrow for everyone! Soft and subtle in the arrangement with soothing acoustic guitar and light drums. The whistle hook lays the overall mood and creates the perfect vibe

3.       Janiba ft. Krishna Beura
Lyrics by Chichi, Rachael

A beautiful blend of cross cultures, styles, genres and languages, Janiba is an example of what creative expression and freedom can bring out of a musician! The song covers a vast canvas, with elements of electro, house, lounge, Rap and Indian Folk weaved together. Earl Edgar’s brilliance is also reflected through the use of various languages- English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu and Punjabi.

4.       Light It Up ft. Suzanne Dmello
Lyrics by Earl Edgar [URL], Suzanne Demello

A song that will light up your mood, anytime of the day with its Dance arrangement, infused trance elements and ambient vocal effects!

5.       Marhabba ft. Sukanya Ghosh
Lyrics by Sukanya Ghosh, Imran, Earl Edgar [URL]

A Middle Eastern fantasy in the middle of a global Tadka!! This new age global song has cross cultures and sounds of the world infused .Persian, Turkish, Indian, Mongolian, Latin American and Scandinavian. A delight of a song, all we can say is Marhabba Marhabba!!

COALESCE- The Album Credits

Recorded and released exclusively on: ArtistAloud LaunchCast

Album Programming/arrangement & concept by: Earl Edgar

Guest Vocalists:

–          Krishna Beura for `Janiba’

–          Suzanne Dmello for `Light It Up’

–          Sukanya Ghosh for `Marhabba’

 Earl Edgar’s COALESCE the album is available exclusively on

AR Rahman’s `Infinite Love’ ( Behad Pyaar )

Really, the world needs peace now more than it ever did! For the world, this week has all been about the doomsday prophecy, of the world coming to an end and for this, the timing for AR Rahman’s new single `INFINITE LOVE’ couldn’t have been better. After `Vande Mataram’, the maestro is back with his second solo project after a gap of 15 yrs. AR Rahman describes his new song `Infinite Love’ as an Indian message to the world. The world did not end as predicted by the Mayans, but the maestro believes that `the end of humanity would be the end of the world’ and that `the Delhi rape case is like a doomsday for us’ !

The lyrics of the song penned by Irshad kamil speaks of humanity and love, and the importance of charity and tolerance. AR Rahman on the vocals is joined by international artists Blaaze and Gil Levy. The song has a global appeal with its smooth and upbeat arrangement and the maestro sounds great when singing English vocals, as he does in Hindi.

The video is inspired by the common thought we all share, i.e. of the `supreme wise man’ coming down from the stars onto planet earth to help us, recycle and cleanse humanity, spread love, and erase borders.

Buy AR Rahman’s unplugged Music here



It is very sad to say that `There was a time when’ but indeed there was a time when the popular music culture existed in India. A whole generation has grown up listening to popular music and has followed their favorite bands, to fill up their cassettes, cds and mp3 players with their music. The artists and bands from that era of the pop music such as Silk route, Lucky Ali, Alisha Chinoy, Shweta Shetty, Sunita Rao, Tanya, The Aryans, Daler Mehndi, Mika, Jassi, Junoon, Mehnaz, Shaan&Sagarika, The Colonial Cousins,Sukhbir and more….have inspired many to form their own bands and play their own music. But unfortunately, because of the forced bollywood boom, this culture has died out, at least for the broadcast MEDIA in the country. It might have died out for the media but the amount of fan following and love for the pop music culture still exists and due to the lack of attention by the media, the hunger for indipop has only grown among the many ardent fans.

Classic Indi pop content is available today on many video sharing sites and can be accessed by anyone, at any time. But this may exactly be the reason why we are all saying that `those were the times’, or `that culture has died out’. It’s all over the place on the internet and hence has lost value, just like a rare collectible lost somewhere at sea, or in a desert!! Many of these indipop artists, such as Shaan, Mohit Chauhan, Mika, Daler Mehndi etc have today become mainstream bollywood singers because they don’t have a choice, but we all know that these are the very artists who can revive the Indi-pop culture..only if there is a will within the broadcast media in the country to revive the lost glory!

It is only fair that the era, the culture of pop music is brought back and is presented to all once again …..



CTC 2012 – The Corporate Talent Championship


Watch the Live Webcast,14th Dec ,6pm onwards only on

If you think the corporate world is just about formal dressing, monthly targets or quarterly reports, think again!! Engage4more, who strongly believe in the need for values, gender diversity and inclusion of differently abled in organizations is bringing to you a different side of the corporate, showcasing the singing ,dancing, and acting talents of employees within corporate. On the 14th of Dec, they are conducting the Grand finale of the CTC 2012 ( Corporate Talent Championship ) and ArtistAloud is bringing to you the live webcast of this super cool event , straight from the Rangsharda Auditorium in Mumbai.

The CTC event started when over 200 corporates were invited to register and take part in the talent hunt. The participants, auditioning for singing, dancing and acting categories were further shortlisted through eliminations that were held on the 8-9th of Dec in Mumbai.

It’s time for the grand finale now, judged by director Umesh Shukla, Musican Bally Sagoo and choreographer Toby Fernandes, its gonna be very interesting to see who beats who in the corporate world, but outside the board room, that too in a talent zone?? Tune in on 14th Dec 6 pm onwards on and see your colleagues beat the rest of the competition to win the CTC 2012 – Corporate Talent Championships 2012


Shibani Kashyap – the Indipop diva


Up close on New This Week

She’s like the girl next door you who you always want to find ways to talk to, she’s the girl with `the guitar’, the Indipop Diva Shibani Kashyap. You don’t have to remember her at all, coz just like us, we’re sure even you haven’t forgotten the classic indipop song `Ho Gayi hai Mohabbat’ ,that is synonymous with the singer.

Shibani came out with her debut album in 1998 which won her the Channel V award and ever since then, she’s always been around, just like our `girl next door’!  Shibani Kashyap’s music has always had style to it, be it her debut album or the popular songs that she has sung in bollywood like `Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa’, `Zinda Hoon Main’ and others. Did you know that Shibani is also the voice behind the signature tune of AIR FM, that was released way back in 1996?

Shibani Kashyap is one of those artists who started the Indi-pop, or as we would like to say `independent music ’ revolution in India. And we’re proud to have this Indi-Pop diva with us in the NEW THIS WEEK lounge. Here’s what Shibani Kashyap has to say about us,   – “It is a great site as it gives artists their individual space and a platform. It is a great revenue opportunity as well, because there is no way people would be able to pirate these songs, as they are not available in the market. This way we can fight piracy and get our rightful revenues”

 Don’t forget to log onto and watch the diva up close and personal as she talks about her journey so far and the future, along with some soulful unplugged performances on New This Week, exclusively on  


The Best of Naturally us –The Album Review

In our music industry, every now and then we need an artist with talent that can change the trend, the style, the era of singing, `SHILPA RAO’ is one such artist.

So far you’ve heard her sing bollywood superhits like `Saiyaan’, `Woh ajnabee’, `Khuda Jaane’ `Udi Udi’ and the latest `Ishq Shava’. And now, exclusively on, she brings her 1st solo album titled ` THE BEST OF NATURALLY US’.

The album consists of 5 beautifully rendered songs titled Jhoola, Challa, Dum Dum, Aaj Latha Naiyo and  Ret Mein Sirkiye. The mood/genre of the album is mostly Folk Fusion with only `Ret mein sirkiye’, falling more under the acoustic pop genre.

The discography:

Shilpa takes inspiration from her first guru, her father who taught her this song. The nostalgic  folk melody immediately transports one to childhood and its memories. Shilpa’s vocals are beautifully complimented by Dilshad on the Israj which together create a perfect picture.

A classic traditional folk Punjabi composition which has been sung by artists many, such as Rabbi And Hans Raj Hans. Shilpa Rao gives it her own flavor in this acoustic folk rendition of challa. Off beat vocal pick ups and aalaps showcase Shilpa Rao’s versatility.

Be inspired before you inspire someone else….and learn to just go on and on in life. Written by Shelly and sung by Shilpa Rao, Dum Dum is a song dynamic in the lyrics, in the vocals, in the structure and the musical arrangement.

A traditional Punjabi folk composition from the Patiala gharana of music, Aaj Latha Naiyo is a `call to the beloved’. Shilpa Rao gives this composition based in raag Bhimpalashree a total revamp in `reggae’. The result is something groovy, fresh, soulful and versatile.

The final song in the album, is the perfect signoff .The aftermath of the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai city, is what sparks off this song. Ret Mein Sirkiye , written by Neelesh Mishra is a  beacon of hope. Shilpa Rao sings in praise and dedicates this composition to the people and the spirit of Mumbai city.

Musicians  –

Hitesh – keyboards
Ashwin Andrew – Drums
Joyda – Bass Guitar
Aditya – lead guitar
Arun – percussions

The Best of Naturally us is available exclusively on


`Mirage’ – The Album Review



The LaunchCast stage welcomes the dynamic powerhouse duo of Joe and Shefali Alvares. There aren’t many who can match up to the talent, the body of work, the collaborations, the music and the style that this father-daughter duo possess.

 Joe Alvares in the true sense can be called the big daddy of Jazz music in the country, being one of the leading rock singers in India in the early 70’s: where he fronted bands like THE SAVGES, SKYE and ATOMIC FOREST. He also appeared in Musical Theatre in the enormously popular Rock Musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar”; in several roles.

His daughter, the rocker chic Shefali Alvares carries the legacy forward. From Jazz, to Electronic, to Retro, to Rock, this versatile powerhouse talent has created huge waves within the music industry and has a fan following that’s one to envy!

This powerful, dynamic duo grace the LaunchCast stage and record a beautiful album titled `MIRAGE’. An album that is Groovy, Jazzy, Retro and is filled with Rock and lounge overtones.  ArtistAloud recommends `MIRAGE’ the album, and absolutely recommends Joe and Shefali Alvares.

The Discography:


 `Who was I in my previous life…. a Mayan, an Egyptian?’ It is this thought and the mystery that inspires Shefali Alvares to write this song. The song is given a beautiful jazzy outline with organs guitar and bass filling up the shape with a mystic lounge groove. Shefali’s mystic yet dynamic vocals hold it all together and takes you into your ancient life.Listen to the song here


 The song speaks of the Beauty, perfection, enchantment that we all seek within ourselves. Where would you find all this put together, but in a beautiful woman! It is this inspiration and thought that Joe Alvares paints a picture of in this song. Warm pads, ride cymbals, the Sarangi and piano create the perfect canvas for imagination! listen to the song here


 The dark and the ambient world of body and soul! Joe Alvares speaks of the boundaries that the human spirit wishes to go beyond but cannot. The songs has pathos, set in an ambient groove. A song for the serious listener, the serious thinker…Listen to the song here


 Joe Alvares shows his flamboyance, his young flirtatious side in this song. The song is inspired out of an experience during his tour of Cuba, during which he was called upon a beautiful woman to a pub but was kept waiting…and waiting…! Jazz organ movement, blues guitars leads, and tight loungy drumming will make you swing all the way through! Listen to the song here


 The first original on the album, the jazz fusion song speaks of the love for the most special person in your life. Joe Alvares puts words and melody to express his love and longing for his wife, his inspiration! Progressive arrangement, which starts with a nostalgic Sarangi lead, blending into a faster groove, underlining the emotion perfectly! Listen to the song here


 Written by Shefali Alvares, the last song on the album speaks of people being prisoners within their own skin. Powerful lyrics are supported with superb vocals, a rock ballad arrangement, lead guitar leads and accompanying piano chords.Listen to the song here

 `Mirage’ the album is available exclusively only on

 Album Credits:

Vocals – Joe Alvares and Shefali Alvares

Keyboards – Jarvis Menezes
Drums: Darshan Doshi
Guitar: Niranjan Dhar
Bass : Rushad Mistry
Sarangi : Saabir khan

Exclusively on

Shefali Alvares performs live on Launchcast

Exclusively on

Joe Alvares performs live on launchcast