`Mirage’ – The Album Review



The LaunchCast stage welcomes the dynamic powerhouse duo of Joe and Shefali Alvares. There aren’t many who can match up to the talent, the body of work, the collaborations, the music and the style that this father-daughter duo possess.

 Joe Alvares in the true sense can be called the big daddy of Jazz music in the country, being one of the leading rock singers in India in the early 70’s: where he fronted bands like THE SAVGES, SKYE and ATOMIC FOREST. He also appeared in Musical Theatre in the enormously popular Rock Musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar”; in several roles.

His daughter, the rocker chic Shefali Alvares carries the legacy forward. From Jazz, to Electronic, to Retro, to Rock, this versatile powerhouse talent has created huge waves within the music industry and has a fan following that’s one to envy!

This powerful, dynamic duo grace the LaunchCast stage and record a beautiful album titled `MIRAGE’. An album that is Groovy, Jazzy, Retro and is filled with Rock and lounge overtones.  ArtistAloud recommends `MIRAGE’ the album, and absolutely recommends Joe and Shefali Alvares.

The Discography:


 `Who was I in my previous life…. a Mayan, an Egyptian?’ It is this thought and the mystery that inspires Shefali Alvares to write this song. The song is given a beautiful jazzy outline with organs guitar and bass filling up the shape with a mystic lounge groove. Shefali’s mystic yet dynamic vocals hold it all together and takes you into your ancient life.Listen to the song here


 The song speaks of the Beauty, perfection, enchantment that we all seek within ourselves. Where would you find all this put together, but in a beautiful woman! It is this inspiration and thought that Joe Alvares paints a picture of in this song. Warm pads, ride cymbals, the Sarangi and piano create the perfect canvas for imagination! listen to the song here


 The dark and the ambient world of body and soul! Joe Alvares speaks of the boundaries that the human spirit wishes to go beyond but cannot. The songs has pathos, set in an ambient groove. A song for the serious listener, the serious thinker…Listen to the song here


 Joe Alvares shows his flamboyance, his young flirtatious side in this song. The song is inspired out of an experience during his tour of Cuba, during which he was called upon a beautiful woman to a pub but was kept waiting…and waiting…! Jazz organ movement, blues guitars leads, and tight loungy drumming will make you swing all the way through! Listen to the song here


 The first original on the album, the jazz fusion song speaks of the love for the most special person in your life. Joe Alvares puts words and melody to express his love and longing for his wife, his inspiration! Progressive arrangement, which starts with a nostalgic Sarangi lead, blending into a faster groove, underlining the emotion perfectly! Listen to the song here


 Written by Shefali Alvares, the last song on the album speaks of people being prisoners within their own skin. Powerful lyrics are supported with superb vocals, a rock ballad arrangement, lead guitar leads and accompanying piano chords.Listen to the song here

 `Mirage’ the album is available exclusively only on ArtistAloud.com.

 Album Credits:

Vocals – Joe Alvares and Shefali Alvares

Keyboards – Jarvis Menezes
Drums: Darshan Doshi
Guitar: Niranjan Dhar
Bass : Rushad Mistry
Sarangi : Saabir khan

Exclusively on ArtistAloud.com

Shefali Alvares performs live on Launchcast

Exclusively on ArtistAloud.com

Joe Alvares performs live on launchcast


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