The Best of Naturally us –The Album Review

In our music industry, every now and then we need an artist with talent that can change the trend, the style, the era of singing, `SHILPA RAO’ is one such artist.

So far you’ve heard her sing bollywood superhits like `Saiyaan’, `Woh ajnabee’, `Khuda Jaane’ `Udi Udi’ and the latest `Ishq Shava’. And now, exclusively on, she brings her 1st solo album titled ` THE BEST OF NATURALLY US’.

The album consists of 5 beautifully rendered songs titled Jhoola, Challa, Dum Dum, Aaj Latha Naiyo and  Ret Mein Sirkiye. The mood/genre of the album is mostly Folk Fusion with only `Ret mein sirkiye’, falling more under the acoustic pop genre.

The discography:

Shilpa takes inspiration from her first guru, her father who taught her this song. The nostalgic  folk melody immediately transports one to childhood and its memories. Shilpa’s vocals are beautifully complimented by Dilshad on the Israj which together create a perfect picture.

A classic traditional folk Punjabi composition which has been sung by artists many, such as Rabbi And Hans Raj Hans. Shilpa Rao gives it her own flavor in this acoustic folk rendition of challa. Off beat vocal pick ups and aalaps showcase Shilpa Rao’s versatility.

Be inspired before you inspire someone else….and learn to just go on and on in life. Written by Shelly and sung by Shilpa Rao, Dum Dum is a song dynamic in the lyrics, in the vocals, in the structure and the musical arrangement.

A traditional Punjabi folk composition from the Patiala gharana of music, Aaj Latha Naiyo is a `call to the beloved’. Shilpa Rao gives this composition based in raag Bhimpalashree a total revamp in `reggae’. The result is something groovy, fresh, soulful and versatile.

The final song in the album, is the perfect signoff .The aftermath of the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai city, is what sparks off this song. Ret Mein Sirkiye , written by Neelesh Mishra is a  beacon of hope. Shilpa Rao sings in praise and dedicates this composition to the people and the spirit of Mumbai city.

Musicians  –

Hitesh – keyboards
Ashwin Andrew – Drums
Joyda – Bass Guitar
Aditya – lead guitar
Arun – percussions

The Best of Naturally us is available exclusively on


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