CTC 2012 – The Corporate Talent Championship


Watch the Live Webcast,14th Dec ,6pm onwards only on http://www.artistaloud.com

If you think the corporate world is just about formal dressing, monthly targets or quarterly reports, think again!! Engage4more, who strongly believe in the need for values, gender diversity and inclusion of differently abled in organizations is bringing to you a different side of the corporate, showcasing the singing ,dancing, and acting talents of employees within corporate. On the 14th of Dec, they are conducting the Grand finale of the CTC 2012 ( Corporate Talent Championship ) and ArtistAloud is bringing to you the live webcast of this super cool event , straight from the Rangsharda Auditorium in Mumbai.

The CTC event started when over 200 corporates were invited to register and take part in the talent hunt. The participants, auditioning for singing, dancing and acting categories were further shortlisted through eliminations that were held on the 8-9th of Dec in Mumbai.

It’s time for the grand finale now, judged by director Umesh Shukla, Musican Bally Sagoo and choreographer Toby Fernandes, its gonna be very interesting to see who beats who in the corporate world, but outside the board room, that too in a talent zone?? Tune in on 14th Dec 6 pm onwards on www.artistaloud.com and see your colleagues beat the rest of the competition to win the CTC 2012 – Corporate Talent Championships 2012


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