AR Rahman’s `Infinite Love’ ( Behad Pyaar )

Really, the world needs peace now more than it ever did! For the world, this week has all been about the doomsday prophecy, of the world coming to an end and for this, the timing for AR Rahman’s new single `INFINITE LOVE’ couldn’t have been better. After `Vande Mataram’, the maestro is back with his second solo project after a gap of 15 yrs. AR Rahman describes his new song `Infinite Love’ as an Indian message to the world. The world did not end as predicted by the Mayans, but the maestro believes that `the end of humanity would be the end of the world’ and that `the Delhi rape case is like a doomsday for us’ !

The lyrics of the song penned by Irshad kamil speaks of humanity and love, and the importance of charity and tolerance. AR Rahman on the vocals is joined by international artists Blaaze and Gil Levy. The song has a global appeal with its smooth and upbeat arrangement and the maestro sounds great when singing English vocals, as he does in Hindi.

The video is inspired by the common thought we all share, i.e. of the `supreme wise man’ coming down from the stars onto planet earth to help us, recycle and cleanse humanity, spread love, and erase borders.

Buy AR Rahman’s unplugged Music here

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