Launchcast welcomes Singer, Performer, Composer, Rapper and Music producer, URL aka EARL EDGAR. A versatile artist who calls himself an `everyday Mumbaikar, he has sung and performed music in various genres, styles and languages.

Known for his ability to modulate voice to create unique vocal effects, accents and timbres, Earl Edgar is a popular name in Bollywood, Tollywood and even Hollywood!! On Launchcast, URL aka Earl Edgar records his new album titled `COALESCE’

The album COALESCE which means `to mix up, mixture, blend’ is an extremely diverse mix of genres, cross-cultures, styles and global arrangements that presents Earl Edgar as an urban world musician. He uses sounds, rhythms and vocals that reflect his extremely colorful personality.

COALESCE – The Discography

1.       Reggae Chori
Lyrics by Rachael, Earl Edgar [URL]

Its Dubstep meets Reggae meets Indi Pop!! Dub step rhythm, bassline and synthline, Vocals styled in Reggae and lyrics that are in true Indi pop style give this song an extremely unique and stylish vibe! A great upbeat start to the album

2.       A Day
Lyrics by Rachael, Earl Edgar [URL]

A very fresh, morning song that speaks of hope and a bright tomorrow for everyone! Soft and subtle in the arrangement with soothing acoustic guitar and light drums. The whistle hook lays the overall mood and creates the perfect vibe

3.       Janiba ft. Krishna Beura
Lyrics by Chichi, Rachael

A beautiful blend of cross cultures, styles, genres and languages, Janiba is an example of what creative expression and freedom can bring out of a musician! The song covers a vast canvas, with elements of electro, house, lounge, Rap and Indian Folk weaved together. Earl Edgar’s brilliance is also reflected through the use of various languages- English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu and Punjabi.

4.       Light It Up ft. Suzanne Dmello
Lyrics by Earl Edgar [URL], Suzanne Demello

A song that will light up your mood, anytime of the day with its Dance arrangement, infused trance elements and ambient vocal effects!

5.       Marhabba ft. Sukanya Ghosh
Lyrics by Sukanya Ghosh, Imran, Earl Edgar [URL]

A Middle Eastern fantasy in the middle of a global Tadka!! This new age global song has cross cultures and sounds of the world infused .Persian, Turkish, Indian, Mongolian, Latin American and Scandinavian. A delight of a song, all we can say is Marhabba Marhabba!!

COALESCE- The Album Credits

Recorded and released exclusively on: ArtistAloud LaunchCast

Album Programming/arrangement & concept by: Earl Edgar

Guest Vocalists:

–          Krishna Beura for `Janiba’

–          Suzanne Dmello for `Light It Up’

–          Sukanya Ghosh for `Marhabba’

 Earl Edgar’s COALESCE the album is available exclusively on

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