A Car, A Movie, A Party, all in one and all for free !!

ImageSo what is the single most important element you need to make and release a feature film, especially in today’s age? It’s a big budget… isn’t it!! No, that’s not really true….

Creative ideation, passion and a confident desire is all you actually need to pull off a feature film and release it too!! REB RIBBON music and film Maker Tejas R Padia prove it with their movie titled `LO HO GAYI PARTY’. This is no ordinary effort, LO HO GAYI PARTY is bollywood’s first ever Zero budget movie!! Yes, you heard that right, Zero budget!!

The movie has been in the making since January 2010, and every aspect that goes into the making of a film such as scriptwriting, music, casting, shooting etc has been done professionally. The team has been able to pull off a feature film with literally zero budgets with the help of likeminded passionate creative people who have supported the project in the logistics and resources required. ArtistAloud too has partnered with the team and is digitally releasing the Music of the film.

Lo Ho Gayi Party is a story of 5 friends, Vasu, Shibu, Vani, Aby & Teddy who desire to have a luxury car. They manage to get a car, but a drunken situation that goes beyond control changes the course of the story. What happens next is a roller coaster comic ride!  

The music of the film , which you can download is very commercial and runs along the storyline. The title song Lo Ho Gayi Party and the song Ooh La La are instant foot tappers!!

Lo Ho Gayi Party the movie releases officially on Red Ribbon Musik’s you tube channel on the 4th of January at 11 pm. It’s a Friday and is possibly the best and the cheapest way to a first day first show !

Don’t miss this movie. Grab your pop corn, Slosh on the sofa or create a makeshift recliner and watch  LO HO GAYI PARTY on http://www.youtube.com/user/redribbonmusik

Download the Music of LO HO GAYI PARTY here – http://artistaloud.com/artists/Lo-Ho-Gai-Party/116345

For more info on the Movie, visit http://www.lohogaipartyfilm.com


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