3 endearing years of ArtistAloud

ImageDo you know the feeling when you are just about to hop on the roller coaster in an amusement park….you’ve been waiting in the queue and its now your turn !! And your excitement level just goes through the roof when you get to grab the front seat …And 3…2…..1 zoooooom you go up and down, left and right and by the time you are in the middle of the ride, your excitement and adrenaline is skyrocketing !! This is exactly what we at ArtistAloud are feeling on our 3rd birthday…

We’re in the middle of a roller coaster ride that started 3 yrs ago and being in the driver’s seat, excited to the maximum just like a little child is AVP Soumini Sridhara Paul and the entire team!! She describes these 3 years of ArtistAloud as `The Beginning, Challenging, Fulfilling, Endearing & Evolving ‘ ! Team ArtistAloud in these 3 years has been a one of a kind platform for popular music outside of bollywood. A web platform that started with just 30 artists is today a large database of music content featuring songs, videos & artists.

ArtistAloud , just as the tag line says `music first’ has also been the first true platform for promoting and distributing Independent music through specially created IP content such as Trademark Webcerts, Music Day, First Ones, ArtistAloud Awards, New This Week, TGIRF, TGIRF 2, RockStock,  LaunchCast, AAPL etc. ArtistAloud is evolving and spreading into other digital domains such as Mobile, IVR and Apps with the Wap site, Voice Portal and the soon to launch ArtistAloud PC App+

Going into the New Year 2013, it’s all happening on ArtistAloud with more music entertainment and more social interactivity …..Left right up or down, it’s a nonstop roller coaster ride on ArtistAloud !!

Find ArtistAloud on

Web: www.artistaloud.com

Wap: m.artistaloud.com

IVR  : Dial 5464611 from your mobile phone for ArtistAloud Voice

Facebook : facebook/artistaloud

Twitter: @artistaloud




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