Coming Home to the Bhosle’s Ashaji’s Khoj – On



In India, there have been many singing talent hunts on television, but all of which have seen contestants perform only bollywood songs. But now, for the first time ever in India, ArtistAloud has launched a talent hunt, which aims to find a female vocalist who can create vocal magic by singing an independent song. has just launched the talent hunt titled `Coming home to the Bhosle’s, Ashaji’s Khoj’

The talent hunt kicked off in sync with the release of Indian Pop star Chin2 Bhosle’s new song titled `Coming Home’. The song ` Coming Home’ is a soothing melody which has Chin2 Bhosle singing along with the legendary diva of Indian Music, Asha Bhosle. The talent hunt is aimed at finding a special female vocalist, where in the winner will get to re-record the song `Coming Home’ in her voice with Chin2 Bhosle. The winner will also get a chance to meet Asha Bhosle & also win a guitar autographed by the legendary diva. 

Starting 7th of January, the entire online talent hunt activity will be carried for six weeks on the artistaloud homepage. In the initial stage, to Participate in the online talent hunt, users will have to first log on to & download the song `Coming Home’. Then they would have to record Asha Bhosle’s part in the song in their own voice and upload on will be registered for the first 2 weeks, post which the entries would be screened by Chin2 Bhosle & Asha Bhosle. At the end of 6 weeks, the selected winner, chosen by Asha Bhosle herself will be finally declared. 

We can’t be sure but a digital talent hunt for female vocalists only has not been done many times before. The format being online, a lot of participation is expected from all over the country. The best voice, the best vocalist will be crowned and gratified by a Master, a legend. It only remains to see who will grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to become a star, a Diva! If you are a female vocalist & have not yet registered, visit now and participate in `Coming Home to The Bhosle’s, Ashaji’s Khoj’- The talent Hunt 

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