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This is cool !! We had talked about this about a month 2 weeks back and we hoped the song which was nominated, would win !! And now it has won the prestigious Oscar !! Composer Mychael Danna has been awarded the prestigious OSCAR in the best original score category for his work on the movie LIFE OF PI. `PI’S lullaby , which he wrote along with renowned Indian classical singer `Bombay Jayashri’ was the first song to be composed for the film !!

ImageIf you haven’t heard Jayashri Ramnath sing yet, then we advise you do right away. This amazing female vocalist, better known as `Bombay Jayashri, has been nominated for the prestigious Oscar in the Best original song category for penning the words of the song `Pi’s Lullaby’ , composed by Mychael Danna in Director Ang Lee’s recent motion picture `Life Of Pi’  

Most popular for her rendition of the Hindi song ZARA ZARA from the movie `Rehna Hai tere dil mein’ ,Bombay Jayashri is a carnatic classical vocalist who has worked with artists ,stalwarts of Indian classical music and music composers the world over. In India, She’s quite a regular in the tamil film industry where she has sung for composers illayaraja, AR Rahman, Shankar-Ehsaan – Loy, Harris Jayaraj, lesle Lewis, Hariharan, GV Prakash and Dhina.

It’s great to see another Indian Independent Music artist getting global attention.

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Here’s a list of 5 kick ass music albums you should listen to this week on

1. ImageThey carry the same music gene, but are versatile in their styles and in their voices. Mixed with rich flavours that are Classical, Romantic, Retro and Pop, Songs like Ab Ghar Aaja , Kaanch ki Gudiya & Kehdo Na reflect the musical influences, the legacy the sisters have grown up with and make Sister Act a must buy album

2.SHIAMAK DAVAR 2He is one of India’s best choreographers. He is also a complete entertainer and a popstar. The singer who shot to fame with the popular love ballad of the 90’s `Jaane Kisne’ brings his new album titled SHABOP. A complete album which showcases the versatility of Shiamak Davar as a singer, where he sings alongside stalwarts such as Shankar Mahadevan & Hariharan. Also featuring on the album is the young pop diva Shweta Pandit. Dance to the tunes of SHABOP

3.VIN SINNERSThis Dubai based English rock bands packs a punch that will knock you out in the first round ! One of those albums which presents classic rock the way it should be with those driving rock guitars, tight drums and dynamic vocals. Check out songs like RETURN TO SOLACE and BOOK OF FACES in AN ELEMENT OF SURPRISE 

4.ANURADHA PAL 2Superbly trained by Tabla legends Late Ustad Alla Rakha & Zakir Hussain, Anuradha Pal is the youngest and only female Indian Musician to have performed at the prestigious Woodstock Festival. She presents an album that lets her `TABLA’ do all the talking. 8 tracks varying in moods and genres, Get Recharged is a global album acclaimed by many in the music industry. Artist Aloud recommends `Get Recharged’ The album

5. LESLEHe needs no introduction A veteran in the Indian music industry, this guitarist,arranger,music producer and singer needs no introduction. Lesle, who gave us hits like `pari hoon main’ & forms one half of the extremely popular band the colonial cousins, presents TANHA SA HOON. An album that has layers of jazz, blues, pop, easy listening & lounge compiles seven rocking songs to fit all moods. A wonderfully produced album, TANHA SA HOON in a must buy


Love at first click !


This week is special because it’s not just any week, its VALENTINES WEEK!! And this week artist aloud is the pit of love where all you need to do is fall!

We all want to have a rocking valentine’s don’t we? So here are 3 recommended things you should do on your computer, mobile or your PC to make sure you hear the 3 magic words on valentine’s eve….

  1. Show your sweetheart how to fall in love with just a click!! Type and hit enter and you’ll hear love immediately!! We’re playing 10 new love songs everyday on the top 10 player!! So that’s a total of 70 in the week ! Not just songs, we also have tons of music videos … should be enough to send the message to your sweetheart isn’t it?

 2.  If you are in India, then this week “5464611”on your mobile keypad = Love! Don’t get it? It’s   simple, dial this number from cell your phone and listen to love songs all week ARTISTALOUD VOICE TOP 10. Listen to the songs, and then sing them out your sweet heart!

 3. The best thing to do is download the ARTIST ALOUD PC APP. Here, go into M-ZONE and create your own listeners room and fill it up with your favorite love songs. Then, simply invite your sweetheart to join you in your listener’s room where you can play out all the songs to her/him and also chat at the same time!!

 Take these 3 steps and by the end of this week, you’ll see the magic happening…the magic of  being together, with your sweetheart!  


PRAGAASH – The all girl kashmiri Rock band

The 1st Kashmiri All girl Rock Band

December 21st 2012 was anticipated by many as the official doomsday. Sure nothing like what you see in the movies happened, but call it a coincidence, the Delhi rape case seemed to have brought about a social change led by the youth across our country. It was high time that people stood up and raised their voices on crimes & oppression against women. Sure, the youths raised their voices, demonstrated and for which they were rounded up by the cops. Media coverage brought the leadership of the country to take some action. What came out of it was suggestions of fast track courts, unreasonable demands such as `women should not wear a certain kind of clothing’, or that they should not venture out after 5pm and so the list of such nonsensical `blah blah blah’ just goes on and on….   

All this happened but honestly, there has been no change whatsoever. Our society continues to treat women in a shameful manner! Crime and oppression need not be only in a physical form, women in our society have also been subject to crime and oppression of their freedom of speech & expression of their art! Did you know that there is an all girl Kashmiri rock band with the name PRAGAASH? We’re pretty sure you don’t know of them coz hell, even we did not know about them until some `wise’ people decided to issue death threats to them, because of which they are in the news!

PRAGAASH the band consists of 3 rocking talents, drummer Farah Deeba, guitarist Aneeka Khalid and vocalist-guitarist Noma Nazir, all of whom are class 10 students !! “I was surprised to see all music bands of Kashmir performing live in front of my eyes. After the competition was over I rushed to my home and discussed with my family about the bands and the music they played. On seeing my enthusiasm for music! my mom and dad supported me to join music classes at Band Inn,” wrote Deeba on her Facebook wall immediately after her first public performance last year.

But now, thanks to a certain archaic sect of our society and their threats, PRAGAASH may not do a lot of live gigs and will concentrate on studio albums more. What’s good to know is that Shehla Rashid Shora, a social activist has launched an online campaign to support PRAGAASH. She says `”They may quit because of intolerance, rape and murder threats, because of our selectively conservative and hypocritical worldview, because men can issue rape threats to women and no one would call it unIslamic, because men can pinch our butts in the bus and no one would speak up, because men can j@&£ off to item numbers in private but three innocent girls performing in perfectly modest clothing outrages our so-called morality,”

You hear all this on one side and on the other, they say `the country is developing’! What we all need to remember is what bono said :