PRAGAASH – The all girl kashmiri Rock band

The 1st Kashmiri All girl Rock Band

December 21st 2012 was anticipated by many as the official doomsday. Sure nothing like what you see in the movies happened, but call it a coincidence, the Delhi rape case seemed to have brought about a social change led by the youth across our country. It was high time that people stood up and raised their voices on crimes & oppression against women. Sure, the youths raised their voices, demonstrated and for which they were rounded up by the cops. Media coverage brought the leadership of the country to take some action. What came out of it was suggestions of fast track courts, unreasonable demands such as `women should not wear a certain kind of clothing’, or that they should not venture out after 5pm and so the list of such nonsensical `blah blah blah’ just goes on and on….   

All this happened but honestly, there has been no change whatsoever. Our society continues to treat women in a shameful manner! Crime and oppression need not be only in a physical form, women in our society have also been subject to crime and oppression of their freedom of speech & expression of their art! Did you know that there is an all girl Kashmiri rock band with the name PRAGAASH? We’re pretty sure you don’t know of them coz hell, even we did not know about them until some `wise’ people decided to issue death threats to them, because of which they are in the news!

PRAGAASH the band consists of 3 rocking talents, drummer Farah Deeba, guitarist Aneeka Khalid and vocalist-guitarist Noma Nazir, all of whom are class 10 students !! “I was surprised to see all music bands of Kashmir performing live in front of my eyes. After the competition was over I rushed to my home and discussed with my family about the bands and the music they played. On seeing my enthusiasm for music! my mom and dad supported me to join music classes at Band Inn,” wrote Deeba on her Facebook wall immediately after her first public performance last year.

But now, thanks to a certain archaic sect of our society and their threats, PRAGAASH may not do a lot of live gigs and will concentrate on studio albums more. What’s good to know is that Shehla Rashid Shora, a social activist has launched an online campaign to support PRAGAASH. She says `”They may quit because of intolerance, rape and murder threats, because of our selectively conservative and hypocritical worldview, because men can issue rape threats to women and no one would call it unIslamic, because men can pinch our butts in the bus and no one would speak up, because men can j@&£ off to item numbers in private but three innocent girls performing in perfectly modest clothing outrages our so-called morality,”

You hear all this on one side and on the other, they say `the country is developing’! What we all need to remember is what bono said :

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