Love at first click !


This week is special because it’s not just any week, its VALENTINES WEEK!! And this week artist aloud is the pit of love where all you need to do is fall!

We all want to have a rocking valentine’s don’t we? So here are 3 recommended things you should do on your computer, mobile or your PC to make sure you hear the 3 magic words on valentine’s eve….

  1. Show your sweetheart how to fall in love with just a click!! Type and hit enter and you’ll hear love immediately!! We’re playing 10 new love songs everyday on the top 10 player!! So that’s a total of 70 in the week ! Not just songs, we also have tons of music videos … should be enough to send the message to your sweetheart isn’t it?

 2.  If you are in India, then this week “5464611”on your mobile keypad = Love! Don’t get it? It’s   simple, dial this number from cell your phone and listen to love songs all week ARTISTALOUD VOICE TOP 10. Listen to the songs, and then sing them out your sweet heart!

 3. The best thing to do is download the ARTIST ALOUD PC APP. Here, go into M-ZONE and create your own listeners room and fill it up with your favorite love songs. Then, simply invite your sweetheart to join you in your listener’s room where you can play out all the songs to her/him and also chat at the same time!!

 Take these 3 steps and by the end of this week, you’ll see the magic happening…the magic of  being together, with your sweetheart!  


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