Here’s a list of 5 kick ass music albums you should listen to this week on

1. ImageThey carry the same music gene, but are versatile in their styles and in their voices. Mixed with rich flavours that are Classical, Romantic, Retro and Pop, Songs like Ab Ghar Aaja , Kaanch ki Gudiya & Kehdo Na reflect the musical influences, the legacy the sisters have grown up with and make Sister Act a must buy album

2.SHIAMAK DAVAR 2He is one of India’s best choreographers. He is also a complete entertainer and a popstar. The singer who shot to fame with the popular love ballad of the 90’s `Jaane Kisne’ brings his new album titled SHABOP. A complete album which showcases the versatility of Shiamak Davar as a singer, where he sings alongside stalwarts such as Shankar Mahadevan & Hariharan. Also featuring on the album is the young pop diva Shweta Pandit. Dance to the tunes of SHABOP

3.VIN SINNERSThis Dubai based English rock bands packs a punch that will knock you out in the first round ! One of those albums which presents classic rock the way it should be with those driving rock guitars, tight drums and dynamic vocals. Check out songs like RETURN TO SOLACE and BOOK OF FACES in AN ELEMENT OF SURPRISE 

4.ANURADHA PAL 2Superbly trained by Tabla legends Late Ustad Alla Rakha & Zakir Hussain, Anuradha Pal is the youngest and only female Indian Musician to have performed at the prestigious Woodstock Festival. She presents an album that lets her `TABLA’ do all the talking. 8 tracks varying in moods and genres, Get Recharged is a global album acclaimed by many in the music industry. Artist Aloud recommends `Get Recharged’ The album

5. LESLEHe needs no introduction A veteran in the Indian music industry, this guitarist,arranger,music producer and singer needs no introduction. Lesle, who gave us hits like `pari hoon main’ & forms one half of the extremely popular band the colonial cousins, presents TANHA SA HOON. An album that has layers of jazz, blues, pop, easy listening & lounge compiles seven rocking songs to fit all moods. A wonderfully produced album, TANHA SA HOON in a must buy


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