BE ORIGINAL – Contest Winner !!!

Thank you all for participating in the Artist Aloud & Penguin India books BE ORIGINAL songwriting contest We got a great response where there were lots of lyrics sent in by people from all over . It was indeed very hard to choose a winner! but as they say the best man…rather a woman in this case has won !!

We’re proud to announce APARNA SHUKLA as the contest winner !! Her original work titled `Soch..its all in the mind’ is the winner !! We’re excited because you’ll soon be hearing the song, `Soch…. its all in the mind’ exclusively on artistaloud !!

For now, here it is, Aparna Shukla’s `Soch..its all in the mind’

Har fasad ki jad teri yeh soch hai..
Ke soch ke yeh socha..

Jo socha kyun na hua..

Honay par fir yeh socha

Jo hua kyun na socha…?

Har pal jo jaal boonay..teri yeh soch hai…

 Hoti haiwaan kabhi…

Leti yeh jaan tabhi…

Banke shaitaan woh toh…

Bechey imaan kabhi…

Shaatir jo chaal chaley..teri yeh soch hai…

Ke badle tu soch jo…Tera yeh waqt ho…

Apni hi soch se… Tu toh sashakt ho…

Banade ya bigadey tujhe…teri yeh soch hai…

Karde lachaar tujhe teri yeh soch hai…

Aur pal mein sanwaare woh bhi…

Teri yeh soch hai….

Haalaaton ke aagey jab tu majboor hota hai….

Neeyat ko badlne ka dastoor hota hai..

Karle tab apni soch pe tu kaabu…

Sambhal jaayega teri zindagi ka tarazu….

Umeedon ko jo kaayam rakhey teri yeh soch hai… 

Jeet ki udaan liye teri yeh soch hai…

Duniya jo badal daley…. teri yeh soch hai….


    • Kaushhik Kale
    • March 25th, 2013

    WOW! I am speechless, Aparna’s lyrics has actually made me think on my ‘soch’ . I wont exaggerate but according to my experience as a Writer & my creative knowledge as a film buff; I can say that an intelligent Lyricist has finally arrived. There have been path breaking lyricists like Javed Akhtar Saab, Gulzar saab, Sameer, Abbas Tyrewala & Sayeed Quadri, who have made a mark. Just like that, I think Aparna Shukla will be the next most remembered name here onward. Gr8 work Aparna, keep it up!!

    • Abhay
    • March 25th, 2013

    waah Aparna, main tumhaare sooch ki ad deta hu.. Very well written indeed.. This poem truly deserves to win.. All the best..

    • Abhay
    • March 25th, 2013

    waah Aparna, main tumhaare sooch ki daad deta hu.. Very well written indeed.. This poem truly deserves to win.. All the best

    • sheetal zumale
    • March 29th, 2013

    wow! each and every word has beautiful meaning, very nice creation Proud of u dear!

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