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Sheldon Pereira’s album is an impressive work of new age Alternative Rock. Check out vocals that have an international appeal & sound that’s punchy, tight & melodic. Artist Aloud Rating – 4 on 5




Recorded exclusively on Artist Aloud Launch cast, Raja hasan Vol 1 the album displays the singing prowess of this versatile vocalist from Rajasthan. Make sure you tune into this album which features  rustic, yet mellifluous vocals and superb composition. Artist Aloud Rating – 4.5 on 5


Easily the best PUNK ROCK album to come out of India to date! Up tempo arrangement with tight drums, edgy guitars with lyrics and vocals written PUNK all over…don’t miss this one out by Tripwire, especially the songs FISHMARKET & PLATFORM NO 3 . Artist Aloud Rating – 4.5 on 5


Her music is global contemporary POP with arrangement layered on shades of Indian music. This artist is one to watch out for…check out songs US, DADI’S song & PEN & PAPER.Artist Aloud Rating – 4 on 5


Ali Haider, the Pop Star from Pakistan brings his latest album. Simple melodies complimented with simple touching lyrics give the overall album a romantic theme. Songs to check out for sure are JAANEY DO & BACHPAN KI BADAMI YAADEIN . Artist Aloud Rating – 4 on 5

The versatile powerhouse pop star, playback singer Neeti Mohan needs no introduction! Her album speaks more than what the best words can say.. No wonder even A R RAHMAN is floored by her!Artist Aloud Rating – 4.5 on 5


Check out the single `FAR AWAY’ from the upcoming alternative Rock band John M Pamei . The song is a great listen, be it on your i – pod, mobile phone or while you’re driving!

Artist Aloud Rating – 3.5 on 5


An album that is a good example of how a piece of music fits in various genres – Hanu Dixit presents modern pop rock & New age styles in his music. Artist Aloud Rating – 3 on 5



Classic Rabindro Sangeet revisited, restyled & presented in a format appealing to the youth. The album features vocals in Bengali, Hindi, English, French & kenyarwanda in forms of Rap and modern pop. Go Sing Tagore, Go Tagore Trance !  Artist Aloud Rating – 3.5 on 5



Circus the band and their album BATS  personifies the evolution & quality of Pop Rock & Alternative Rock in India. If you love Rock modern forms of Rock, you’ve got to get this album! BATS – THE CIRCUS – Thumbs up.

Artist Aloud Rating – 4 on 5

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