Are Reality shows the perfect platform for singers?

While we are no one to make judgements or statements regarding the life of a singer, there are some important facts that we believe an artist needs to ponder upon!Image


While in the early days of musical stardom, playback was the ultimate dream of every singer, do we have a similar mindset even today? Well we aren’t sure of that. From a video channel to websites our voices reach the nook and corner of the world and in days, we are a global icon. But that comes secondary. The fad of this generation is reality show!


But are reality shows help create life of an artist? We cannot underestimate the fanship of a reality show but our question is if it actually brings about a change in someone’s life? A common man who emerges victorious amongst crores of candidates is not an achievement that can be overlooked. But we wonder if the victory is just a momentary happiness. We would like to know what are the factors that can help the artist maintain his victory and thus create many more milestones in his career.


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